The Magnet Scramble

The Magnet Scramble

Today's news includes more closings coverage.  Magnet lottery scramble. More commentary on Rahm vs. Karen from the Tribune editorial page and Marc Sims.  No, no one's going to run against Emanuel anytime soon, says the Reader's Mick Dumke.  (Then again, it seems unlikely that the May 17 CTU election will result in any changes in leadership of the teachers union, either.)

Parents argue that Owens school closing makes no sense Sun Times: Leaving both buildings open won’t save money, since the $8 million in renovations needed to the Owens building will still have to happen, and both Owens and Gompers not only have CPS’ lowest rating but also are on academic probation, parent Michelle Stagger told a panel of Chicago Public Schools employees at a hearing on proposed school closings.

Mixed emotions from parents at CPS closings hearing CBS:  Parents of Chicago Public Schools students rallied at a public hearing Monday night to try to keep their schools open.

CPS creating safety routes for kids heading to new schools Sun Times: Jadine Chou, chief of security and safety for Chicago Public Schools, emphasized in an interview Monday that she is working closely with police to design safe routes for students whose elementary schools are on the chopping block.
This talk of racism must stop Tribune (editorial): This is dangerous, divisive, inflammatory rhetoric. It is damaging to the schools. It is damaging to the city.
Rahm Emanuel vs.Karen Lewis Marc Sims: Rahm Emanuel vs. Karen Lewis is not our fight!   The Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis is fighting for the interests of her teachers, not the interests of Chicago residents.
David Axelrod Opens Doors of Institute of Politics at University of Chicago DNAI: Former Obama adviser was joined by members of both political parties for a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Will anyone challenge Mayor Emanuel in 2015? Anyone? Anyone? Reader: The consensus was that those who might be mayoral material, at least in their own minds, are likely to wait until after 2015, since it's widely assumed that Emanuel will move on after two terms if not sooner.


CPS Magnet Lottery Leaves Most Local Residents Scrambling DNAI: Parents said they might move to the suburbs if school options on the Near West Side don't improve.

Ray Elementary Principal Booted, Former Leader Takes Helm DNAI: Ray Principal Tatia Beckwith and Assistant Principal Jeffrey Alstadt reassigned, parents told in letter.

Man Fatally Shot Outside South Side Elementary School DNAI via Chicagoist: A 28-year-old man was fatally shot in the chest outside of James Madison Elementary School in the South Shore neighborhood around 8:30 a.m. Reports say schoolchildren were not near the scene when it happened, but the campus was put on a 20-minute lockdown.


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  • So at the same time you post an editorial from the Tribune about the lack of racism in the school closings, you link to a post from Marc Sims who argues, "Mayor Rahm Emanuel's job is to improve Chicago. If that means pushing out low income African Americans out side of Chicago, thus lowering Chicago's crime problem that's good for Chicago residents."

    I love the smell of irony in the morning.

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    In reply to district299reader:

    Yes, Marc Sims is a racist. Why post anything from his blog?

  • Funders Meeting In Chicago

  • "No, no one's going to run against Emanuel anytime soon, says the Reader's Mick Dumke." Report last night that Fioretti was thinking about it. Pros: He was reapportioned out of his seat. Emanuel doesn't listen. Con: Given his actions in the Congress Hotel and Felony Franks matter, he has spit on his oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States.

    And as far as magnets, the schools should teach that only north and south poles attract; same poles repel.

  • OIG needs to investigate FriendsofRay. What is the realtionship of FoR with former, now temp principal? Ray parents have a right to know what'ss going on with fundraisers--do not rely only on LSC. .

  • Fioretti? Think his education approach would work if he were mayor?

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    Fioretti? At least he's not trying to make his bones as a presidential candidate by being the "school-closing, union-busting democrat" like Rahmbo. He will close these schools and be gone before the real destruction hits, and so will BBB. Fioretti is one of the few members of the city council with any cojones.

  • In reply to Ed Dziedzic:

    Cajones, perhaps, but in the wrong place. For instance he complained that the city Corporation Counsel failed to back him up with regard to his attempt to block a sign for Felony Franks, even though the owner clearly had a First Amendment right to it, and the city had already spent money on legal fees in the case.

    Similar thing in the Congress Hotel case, except he couldn't figure out that labor law is preempted by the National Labor Relations Act.

    So, he may be another populist with no brains, or at least not the discrimination to select his causes.

  • In reply to Ed Dziedzic:

    Not that whoever was the aldrecreature nor Rahm had much regard for the First Amendment rights of the owner of Chick-Fil-A, either, but at least they had enough sense not to incur attorney fees blocking that zoning proposal.

  • I know Fioretti's been attracting my attention, especially on schools stuff.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Now, if he only attracts the attention of district299reader, district299reader, district299reader, district299reader, district299reader, district299reader and district299reader, and they all live in the city, are registered to vote, and actually vote.

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