Rotten To The Core

Rotten To The Core

Think I'm the only one frustrated in the extreme by the mess that's been created by CPS and CTU?  Crain's cartoon here.


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  • I think a lot of people underestimated how hard these school closings would be for the average New Yorker. Of course, if Crain's wanted to help the schools, I missed their editorial fighting against the tax givebacks to the CBOT and the abuse of TIF monies.

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    nice work mr brooklyn did you get extra $$ for that byline?

  • In reply to JohnKugler:

    actually, the cartoonist came up with it -- and as to pay, i'm sure i'm getting paid lots less than CPS or CTU are paying you for all your good work.

  • Misdirection, isn't it?

    Chicago's teachers and their Union are not responsible for the sorry state of the schools.

    It is not up to us to finance schools that are under-resourced.

    It is not up to us to manage (or *mis*manage, as the case may be) the schools.

    We are not responsible for the dozens of standardized exams, programs, initiatives, and reforms--all disconnected, under-funded, competing and conflicting with one another--that have been thrown at us haphazardly by five CEOs and their retinue of ever-changing region/chief/network officers over the past five years. For a very long time we have known change without continuity.

    What Chicago's teachers are responsible for is going in to work each day and doing the best job they can--in the face of all these challenges--to teach this city's children. To show them that there are adults in their lives who care for them.

    God save us from the journalists and politicians who claim to know what's best for children without ever having actually to talk to any of them.

  • Back in the saddle

    In Feb 2011 I retired after 41 years due to a bad heart which led to a by-pass
    operation. By June 2011 I felt great so I decided to sub. Now remember I know absolutely
    nobody so I had to wait until the online hiring allowed sub applications .That was in March2012.
    For an entire year my application sat on line. Finally in March 2013 I got called for an interview.
    Of course the day I had the interview March 15th the computers at IT broke so finally in April
    I was ready to go. Last Monday the call came and I was a Chicago Public School Teacher
    Again.If anyone cares to read my story I will finish it tomorrow.

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  • Oh my God!! How awful ! How can Crains publish a cartoon based on Nazi Anti Jew propaganda. Shameful. There is an apology due.

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