Report Card Pickup Days

Report Card Pickup Days

Today's news:  Canvassing with Stand for Children, "More than a score" demonstration at the Board, special ed preschool placement delays, Burns favors closing Canter, and a Dissent interview with Karen Lewis.  Report card pickup days.

Education group seizes opportunity in CPS closings WBEZ: For the past few weeks, they’ve been canvassing Chicago neighborhoods most affected by schools closings. Juan Gonzalez is Stand for Children’s Chicago director. He says in the past few weeks, canvassers have knocked on more than 11,000 doors.

Parents want more play, fewer tests in public schools WBEZ:  Organizers of the demonstration say the type of play-based learning the kids are doing is being pushed out of public schools to make room for more standardized testing in the early grades. The demonstration  was put together by a local arm of the group called More than a Score.

Delays in special ed preschool placements spark more state monitoring Catalyst: CPS faces more intensive state monitoring following a ruling that the district isn’t doing a good enough job helping students transition from Early Intervention services into preschool special education.

CPS Closings: Ald. Burns Comes Out In Favor of Shuttering Canter DNAI: Ald. Will Burns (4th) said the CPS budget crunch means schools must close, Canter included.

CPS School Closings: Disney II Expansion Criticized by Neighborhood Schools DNAI: With overcrowding at neighborhood schools, residents questioned Disney II receiving scarce resources.
Emanuel Isn't Sweating Teachers Union Plan To Make Him A One-Term Mayor Chicagoist: But if she decides she’s the best person to challenge Emanuel, will her rhetoric resonate with a wider voting base? It’s one thing to call Chicago “Chi-Raq” to residents in depressed communities. How middle class whites in affluent neighborhoods will respond to her is another matter entirely.

Karen Lewis: "We Will Shut Down Your City" NBC Chicago: Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis gave a great interview to “Belabored,” a new podcast connected with the left-wing magazine Dissent. Lewis is always provocative and unfiltered, but in this half-hour conversation, she discusses the school closing issue in more depth than you see on television.

Report Card Pickup Day CPSChatter:  I can, of course, schedule a future meeting when I have more time, but now that CPS has eliminated that half hour in the morning we used to have, it has to be on my own time.  I still do it, but I resent it.  I don’t mind giving up hours of time for my students, but I will never enjoy my employer telling me I have to give up even minutes, if that makes any sense.


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  • CPS bans bubbles from board of education

  • yea just like the charter waiting list numbers and uno crony contracts. news is news for those who control it.

  • Interesting:

    "Everybody seems to be getting hot and bothered over CTU’s announcement that it will be stepping up its political efforts. They will be attempting to register 100,000 new voters, which is a new thing, but certainly not a major announcement in a Democracy. They will be vetting candidates, but they already do that. Finally, they said that they would be increasing donations to their PAC. They’ve been talking about that forever. Teachers pay like $20 a year and with our pension under attack every other week in Springfield, it’s worth it for that alone. If there is any threat to our democracy in Chicago, it’s not from teachers registering more Chicagoans to vote, it’s from Rahm accepting more and more money from interests outside our city."

    from CPSChatter

  • Are you kidding?
    While not addressing this to anyone in particular:
    Dist 299 wrote this regarding a request for more CTU PAC funds:

    “Teachers pay like $20 a year and with our pension under attack every other week in Springfield, it’s worth it for that alone”

    Buddy take a look at who is pushing this pension rip off.SB 1 is being guided through the House by our old friend Michael Madigan. He is the architect of the infamous SB7 passed in 2010.His reward?
    In 2012 the CTU PAC gave him $ 10,000.If you look at the House version of that bill HB 3411
    We supported almost all the sponsors with our PAC funds.
    It seems we gave Democratic candidates $ 255,360 in 2012.We will see how well that money
    was spent shortly when these bills come to a vote in Springfield. We did not forget the GOP
    they got $ 8.000 from the PAC.

  • In reply to rbusch:

    Dist 299 did not write that. Rather, CPSChatter wrote that in the CPSChatter blog.

  • from UofC: Chicago Students Infrequently Use Technology for School -- use varies widely among schools @uei

  • Chicago Teachers Union Prez Karen Lewis Teaches Torah in Evanston | Shalom Rav

  • Xavier High School (NYC) High School English Teacher Matthew Thomas Sold His Debut Novel for $1M BA from UofC

  • The voters registration can be the change agent. If black and brown people in Chicago register and vote, they will select the next Mayor of Chicago. Great strategy by CTU. Now let's see if whey can pull it off. Nobody likes a dictator and the communities are reeling. I expect to see people cooperating with this movement You have to stand up with the community on occasion.

  • Corrected typos: The voters registration can be the change agent. If black and brown people in Chicago register and vote they will select the next Mayor of Chicago. Great strategy by CTU. Now let's see if they can pull it off. Nobody likes a dictator and the communities are reeling. I expect to see people cooperating with this movement You have to stand up with the community on occasion.

  • In reply to sammy:

    The majority of both African Americans and Latino residents of the City of Chicago have elected aldermen, state representatives, state senators, and County level elected officals that have consistently either supported or acquiesced to Mayor Emanuel's austerity plans. I am totally unclear why Sammy believes that increased voter registration among minority groups in Chicago will be a "change agent."

    The austerity program that Mayor Emanuel is implementing in Chicago has been implemented in other cities by elected Democrats who are not white. It is also being implemented in Europe in some cases by social democrats, and has in the past been implemented in Latin America. So while it is completely possible that Mayor Emanuel could in theory be removed from office by some type of minority political control resurgence that does not in any way mean policies will change.

    Something far bigger than registering voters has to take place given the fiscal crisis of the market based economic system in the west and the implications that has had for public services including education. Does that start with registering voters and telling them they just have to elect good people who promise to support the interests of the community, or does it start by trying to build a political alternative to the Democrat party in the city no matter how small it is initially?

    Rod Estvan

  • Come on now Rod, Though your analysis is true, we have to have hope. the people in the communities around Chicago now have an opportunity to fix all you have listed here as compliance with the Mayor. The people have the power to pick the next mayor through increased registration and actual voting. The community has been indifferent and a high percentage has not voted. If the change movement is conducted effectively you never know. I admit it is a huge challenge but don't take away the hope of the community. I'm not in the CTU but a voters registration drive is the beginning of a great formula which could be that change agent I referred to.

  • let us not forget that it was former Ald. Precwinkle who supported Canter in the first place. Now the replacement hyde park ald. wants Canter to close. Old adage, get 10 hyde parkers in a room-get 12 different opinions.

  • Sammy if believing that in order to change the policy of austerity Chicagoans are going to have to make a break with our profoundly corrupt Democrat Party is hopeless then we are just going in circles. How many times does what is left of organized labor have to get burned by the Democrats?

    If the CTU is on a campaign to register voters for any type of independent political party no matter how small or local then they should say so. But that is not the agenda as far as I can see. The entire idea of the voter registration campaign is based on the Harold Washington experience. Let's be clear Mayor Washington was a Democrat though and through and broke only with a group of white aldermen inside the city. Mayor Washington worked well with very corrupt black Democrats who had been supporters of Richard J Daley and he prevented them from linking arms with the white democrat aldermen. It worked brilliantly at that moment in time.

    The reason Mayor Washington's better policies just disappeared with his death is simple, he worked through the party. The party itself just swallowed up many of the progressives that were around the late Mayor. Mayor Daley brought a number of Washington supporters into his administration, he slowly but surely got full control over them. Some of those folks were and are my friends. As many of them have told me time and time again the Democrat party is the only game in town.

    The worst part of all of this is that within the CTU and CORE there are numerous people that agree completely with the fundamentals of the analysis I am putting forward. They are hoping for the best with the voter registration campaign and believe getting rid of Mayor Emanuel is critical for the very survival of the CTU so almost any alternative looks better than our current Mayor. I think they are just hoping for a breathing space to save what is left of Chicago's labor movement and then go forward with a bigger agenda. I don't think that will work because of the overall economic situation local and state governments find themselves in will continue to cause Democrats to implement austerity.

    Rod Estvan

  • Eventually, and relatively soon, Chicago will have just the very wealthy (define as you wish) and the very poor. IMHO.

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