Overstated Charter Waiting List

Overstated Charter Waiting List

Today's news includes WBEZ's  of the 19,000-student waiting list number that INCS has been using (it's substantial but not nearly as high as that), some good news about a recent decline in violence, yet another puffed-up complaint from CTU (this one's about CPS "propaganda"), and a bit more about the school budgeting debate going on downstate, which has obvious CPS implications.  

How much demand is there for Chicago charter schools? No one knows WBEZ: Though Andrew Broy from the Illinois Network of Charter Schools has insisted that 19,000 children are on waiting lists for Chicago charter schools, he now says he believes the real number is around 65 percent of that. He could not provide any basis for that calculation, other than to say he had done “spot checks with schools.”

Chicago Violence Chicago Tonight: After a bloody January, the first quarter of 2013 ends with homicides at historic lows. But what do the numbers really mean? Paris Schutz has the latest.

First rule of holes: To get out of one, stop digging Crain's (opinion):  Unless we as a city figure out some way to provide better jobs for our CPS graduates and the dropouts who man the gang boundaries, no mining company executives will help us dig our way out of this hole.

Welcome back from spring break, CPS teachers! Reader: Any way you look at it, the mayor's making hundreds and hundreds of you reapply for your jobs. It's all part of his plan to woo the best and brightest teachers to come teach in Chicago so they can get fired.

Head of Philadelphia district's charter schools office resigns NewsWorks: Doresah Ford-Bey, currently the district's executive director of charter schools, will resign effective this Friday. In an email to colleagues, Ford-Bey wrote that she has taken a position with Chicago Public Schools.

CPS Web Ads Funded by Private Grant, But Teachers Union Cries 'Propaganda' DNAI: The ads are an "educational" campaign paid for by private funds, a CPS spokesman said.

Republican: Downstate schools getting cheated out of state cash Herald Review: BLOOMINGTON — State Sens. Bill Brady and Jason Barickman on Monday called for more equitable funding for downstate schools in light of a study by Senate Republicans that shows major disparities between those districts and Chicago schools .

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  • Should one call this "news" given that these "waiting lists" have gone unquestioned and unchallenged in the media for, oh, how long?!?

  • At catalyst-chicago: "COMING TO CHICAGO: Doresah Ford-Bey, executive director of Philadelphia School District's Charter Schools Office, is resigning to take a position with Chicago Public Schools. "I was presented with an opportunity I could not turn down," she wrote in an email to colleagues. (Newsworks.org)"

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    also -- CTU is inviting media on a bus tour of destabilized communities, acc to the Defender

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  • Posted at cpsobessed.com: CPS Pre-school for All applications open tomorrow. Need details.

  • The WBEZ report effectively makes legitimate questions and comments made on this and other blogs about the charter wait list issue. But I don't think this report will in any way stop the Tribune editorial board from demanding ever more charter schools based on theoritical demand.

    I have real concerns given the population drop in the City for school aged children whether this never ending charter expansion will lead to the fiscal collapse of some weaker charter schools. Maybe this is some type of market based theory, but it seems less than rational to me.

    That there are probably more families that want to enroll their children in charter schools than their are seats is still likely. But included in the WBEZ article is data demonstrating that even more families want their children in high performing CPS schools including magnets and selective schools.

    Just at the elementary level for elementary magnets and selective elementary school programs there were 99,031 applications this school year more than double all the applications to charter school programs based on the data in the WBEZ article.

    So if CPS is driven by parent demand it clearly would be increasing seats for magnet and selective programs faster than for charter schools. But an expansion of either charters or magnets/selectives will come at the expense of neighborhood schools and that isn't rational either in my opinion. Maybe, just maybe every thing can't be solved by the choice mantra.

    Rod Estvan

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