Lewis At "Occupy DOE"

I'm not so bothered as the folks at AEG who are sending around this clip of CTU President Karen Lewis in DC a few days ago. I'm not sure CTU's tactics and policies are as good for city schools as they are for Chicago teachers.  I object to the notion that everything that's good for teachers is necessarily good for Chicago students.  But I admire CTU/CORE for its last 18 months of effective organizing against City Hall, and don't begrudge its advocacy on its own behalf.


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  • Headache299
    Thoughts and prayers for those in Boston

  • See CMW:

    Buried in a recent Fox TV report was this tidbit: multiple City Hall and CPS sources said that Barbara Byrd-Bennett had determined that the district could handle closing 40 schools this year.

    But Mayor Emanuel overruled his new schools chief and insisted on upping the number to over 50. (An official spokesperson denied the report.)

    Hotter heads prevailed, you might say.

    Those who suggest the whole process of community hearings was a charade aimed at a number predetermined by Emanuel, rather than an exercise in transparency and civic accountability, may be on to something.

    More: http://www.newstips.org/2013/04/what-could-go-wrong/

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