Kids Not Using Internet for School

Kids Not Using Internet for School

Today's news includes a Catalyst report on a new UofC edtech study, plus other posts about parent mentoring programs losing funding and recruiters coming in from Las Vegas.

Digital divide among CPS students, schools: study: Catalyst: The vast majority of CPS middle school and high school students have access to the Internet, but only half of them regularly use it to do academic work. Some of the access students have to the Internet is likely through smartphones, which is not the best way to do research or other school projects.

Parent mentor program at risk of losing funds Catalyst: Since 1995, Logan Square Neighborhood Association and the Southwest Organizing Project have run parent mentor programs in their communities. Last year, these organizations and the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights won $1 million in the state budget to expand the Parent Mentor Program across the state.

Las Vegas school district sending recruiters to Chicago Medill Reports: Chicago: Chicago's closing of 54 schools will put approximately 1,000 teachers out of work, according to the Chicago Teachers Union. But half way across the country, in Clark County School District, the fifth largest school system that encompasses Las Vegas.

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  • IBSE Case Number 2013-0397, CPS systemic violation of caseload requirements

  • Lewis: Emanuel, CPS Can’t Be Trusted On School Closing Promises « CBS Chicago

  • CCSR study unreliable--many students in CPS schools do NOT answer the survey because they do not have access to the online survey. CCSR need to get that stat first.

  • Is there ANY survey connected to CPS (even those surveys that are outsourced to U of C, etc.) that pass the sniff test regarding best practices of research methods? I haven't seen many, but I have limited exposure and have seen just one or two a year.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    The CCSR/CPS surveys are confusing to parents, teachers and students. Something CCSR will probably not accept. There should be a survey on the CCSR surveys--'Did you find these question/statements confusing? Most of the time, some of the time…'
    No worthy survey forces one to 'figure out' what is being asked or what each sentence means. No worthy survey should be used to threat jobs or punish schools or create questions that lead in this direction.
    A worthy survey would understand that there are (enough of a sample) parents who cannot read the survey and therefore, do not answer. Yet, this is held against the schools.) If CCSR was fair and followed protocol, they would NOT have their own surveys taken at any of the UC public schools. And they would tell CPS this. (There would be an outside source not affiliated in any way with UC, to conduct this—makes one wonder why UC public schools do well on these surveys.)
    Lastly, when will CCSR create and conduct a survey of teachers and parents about the CPS CEO and the Board of Education performance? But then, it may be design to be very supportive of the hand that feed it.
    The ultimate obscenity is not caring, not doing something about what you feel, not feeling! Just drawing back and drawing in; becoming narcissistic-Rod Serling

  • Regarding Las Vegas recruiters - the article states that 1000 teachers will be laid off according to the CTU.

    1000 x 30 students is 30,000. 30,000 divided by 54 schools is 555 students per closed school. My math says there are probably about 500 teachers total in all the 54 closed schools (54 x 250 students, divided by 30 = 450 teachers)

    The 1000 figure is way off. The only teachers not moving with their students to the receiving schools (per the CTU/CPS CBA) are those in the lowest two job performance categories.My guess is that at most 100 to 200 will laid off and they will not be desirable hires, even for Las Vegas.

    Can someone from the CTU confirm that CTU is using the 1000 lay-off figure?

  • How do you know they will not be desirable hires? You read like Becky or someone from her office.

  • re common core "Right now, states like New York and Illinois are in a period of education policy idealism..." says @danagoldstein ??

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