First Lady At Harper HS

First Lady At Harper HS

Today's news includes lots of closing/safe passage coverage, plus some tidbits about ping pong, tuition preschool, and a James Meeks oped. Oh, and the First Lady is going to visit Harper to talk about gun violence.


CPS School Closings: Board Member Shows Up at Stewart, Stockton Hearing DNAI: In a rare event for CPS Board members, Carlos Azcoitia showed up to listen — and got an earful.

Map: Current Safe Passage Schools WTTW: View an interactive map of Chicago Public Schools that currently have Safe Passage programs in place.
Extra Extra: 15-Year-Old Girl Stabbed Near South Side High School Chicagoist:  A 15-year-old girl was stabbed in the leg near Mount Carmel High School around 10:30 a.m. Tuesday.

W. Side parents, aldermen: Closing school puts kids on risky path Sun Times: King Elementary parents have been telling Chicago Public Schools how dangerous it would be for their children to trek to Jensen Elementary next year. On Tuesday, a bunch of King supporters, including Aldermen Bob Fioretti (2nd) and Jason Ervin (28th), braved vacant lots, a pockmarked garbage-strewn viaduct, homeless shelters, a halfway house and several boarded-up homes on the roughly eight-block walk from King, which is on the CPS closing list, to Jensen.

Parents, aldermen walk the distance from King to Jensen WBEZ:  The walk from King Elementary to Jensen Elementary on Chicago’s West Side is 20 minutes each way—past boarded-up buildings and vacant lots.

School Closing Opponents Stage Protest Walks On West Side CBS Local: However, CPS Chief Executive Officer Barbara Byrd-Bennett walked a different “Safe Passage” route to Fenger High School, along with four students who use the route every day, so show the efforts the city and district have made to help kids get to ...

Hyde Park mom takes on CPS Hyde Park Herald: “I want the mayor and Barbara Byrd-Bennett to read it and adjust their perspectives,” The blogger said. “They have not been to the hearings, they have not been to the schools, they have not heard parents, and they have not seen things from our ...


Michelle Obama to Visit Chicago High School Tomorrow WGNTV:Mrs. Obama will visit Harper High School in the West Englewood neighborhood, a school in which nearly 30 current or former students have been shot, 8 fatally.  She will meet with a small group of students and counselors to hear firsthand about their experiences, according to a statement from the White House.

James Meeks: It starts with the family Tribune (oped): In 1956, the year I was born, 75 percent of all homes in the African-American community were two-parent households. Today, only 25 percent of all homes in the black community are two-parent households. In the 1960s and the '70s, African-Americans fought...

Table tennis program comes to Chicago Public Schools Chicago Sun-Times: Chicago-based table tennis company Killerspin -- the ones who helped launch the career of world-famous player Biba Golic -- recently announced a partnership with Chicago Public Schools.

CPS plan to charge pre-school tuition upsets parents ABC7Chicago: Some CPS parents have just found by e-mail that Chicago Public Schoolswill start charging sliding-scale tuition fees at school-based pre-kindergarten programs this fall.

CPS closings affect DePaul-shadowed schools The DePaulia: Though there are at least four distinct DePaul-CPS partnership programs available through Enrollment Management and Marketing alone, Jean Vipond, assistant director for academic development in DePaul’s Steans Center for Community-based Service Learning and Community Service Studies, said she believes the School of Education will be impacted the most by the school closings.


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  • Editorial: Up to 47,500 kids in school shake-ups - Chicago Sun-Times

  • apparently they won't let lutton or kotlowitz attend the harper event, which seems wrong --

  • Watch: Michelle Obama in Chicago today - 1130 am Central Lynn Sweet

  • apparently they won't let lutton or kotlowitz attend the harper event, which seems wrong --

    Why the heck not? That is whacky.

  • I heard this morning that Ms. Obama had asked that her talk with Harper students be closed to the media. At least based on what I heard it was not a CPS decision.

    Rod Estvan

  • In reply to Rodestvan:

    Yep. The Obama White House is not known for it's transparency or media access.

  • In reply to district299reader:


  • Dr. Azcotia- how we miss you at the Midway Network.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to district299reader:

    hearing unconfirmed reports that at least half a dozen high ranking network people are jumping ship all over the city. some are starting private education consulting firms.

  • In reply to JohnKugler:

    Many were recently told they will have to reapply for their position using data to prove effectiveness/growth. I'm assuming if you have a Network w/multiple schools on the list to be closed, this could be difficult.
    Just my guess on why they are leaving....could be they are sick of Rahm.

  • Hyde Park mom-Canter was a sinful waste of money.
    Call on the OIG to investigate Friends of Ray.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Friend, Canter is 1/61st of my concern.

  • How to keep your ELEMENTARY school off of the future CPS closing, conversion, or turnaround lists:
    Assure all students get grades of C or higher in reading and math
    Assure that the My School My Voice Survey is answered in the positive by all teachers, all students and all parents
    Show growth in student end-of-year NWEA scores and know that NWEA tests nationwide
    Have high teacher and staff attendance at school, especially attendance for the teachers
    Teachers need to stop getting advance degrees or course credits-you cost too much money
    Drop the overtime, work after school for free
    Spend all money allocated in the school budget, have parents buy all classroom supplies

  • In reply to district299reader:

    I suspect what John has heard is correct. CPS will be using consultants much more extensively in relation to administrative functions. So trying to set up consulting firms is a logical step. But these smaller companies will not be competitive with larger operations that will provide these same services at a lower cost.

    Really the only option for these folks is to go to work for a nationally based consulting firms and be willing to work anywhere in the US. The idea that administrators need specific knowledge about a school district is very old school. Its now all about systems, and administrators are just interchangeable parts. The only thing some of the existing network leaders have going for them is that many of them are minorities and the larger operations need people of color to carry out their assigned roles.

    The empirical data in relation to most network chiefs on a systems level is weak so in some cases their chances of survival are limited. It is much easier to move up a young principal who has had a few years of increasing test scores at one school before they become tainted with the problems of numerous schools they can't really fix or control.

    Rod Estvan

  • In reply to Rodestvan:

    Schools would love to have consultants instead of network waste, cost and dead weight--schools could choose the services that support what teachers want without the drama of the chief and network minions. This is a great idea. Will CO have the guts to do it?

  • Not me. I love the current Midway Chief.

  • In reply to EducatorCPS:

    [comment removed -- ]

  • good4u bad 4 rest of us

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