Waiting For Closings

SONY DSCToday's news includes some background stories on the coming closing announcements -- Joravsky says the process was unnecessarily chaotic, which it was -- plus some tidbits about African-American history being taught more regularly during the year, and no, 125 S. Clark hasn't sold yet.  


School closing critics question CPS' 'ideal' class size of 30 students Tribune: Mayor Rahm Emanuel's push to close dozens of schools hinges on a vision of the "ideal" size for kindergarten through eighth-grade classes as 30 students, far larger than is the case now in the typical Chicago classroom.

Waiting for the day of judgment from Mayor Emanuel Reader: My sense from talking to aldermen, teachers, and school officials is that the district is strongly considering closing Manierre and sending its students to Jenner, which is about four blocks to the south, on the other side of Division. Here's the problem: the schools are situated in rival gang territories. Via CPS Chatter.

Fullerton network hearing February 28 Substance via CPS Chatter: When a parent from Brentano loudly objected about Burnett talking about the gang problem, Burrnett stated that this is “our reality that we have to live with everyday.” Burnett went on to say that Manierre has a full day pre-school and the new principal has been turning around the school.


CPS will teach more African American studies in the fall WBEZ: The decision comes after months of meetings between local leaders and district officials. The complaint is that public schools teach Black history only during February or Black History Month.

Happy Test Day!! CPS Chatter: Well, just about every suburb had the good sense to have a snow day today even after many of them had Pulaski Day off on Monday.  Of course, in Chicago it’s a test day and given a choice between student welfare and testing, Chicago has made its priorities abundantly clear many times over.


Parents 'Shocked' to Hear of Teacher Slapping Student at Lakeview School DNAI:Inter-American's Vernita Vallez said she takes "the safety and well-being of our students seriously."

Special needs students a top priority at McNair Elementary School Austin Weekly News: Ziegler stressed the process is far from over, and there are "many other things" CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett will take into consideration before making final recommendations.

Kindergarten for Hyde Park Hyde Park Herald: Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Chicago Public Schools (CPS) CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett announced last week that every CPS school, including those in Hyde Park, would offer full-day kindergarten starting next school year.

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