Save "Receiving" Schools

Copy of OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHighlights from today's news include word that CPS is going to help receiving schools deal with the influx of unwanted kids they'll be getting from under-enrolled but otherwise entirely high-functioning schools next year.

[Next thing you know, CPS will promise receiving schools that they won't have to take any kids whose scores are lower than average.]

Meanwhile, efforts to halt the closing process in Springfield seem not to be going anywhere, advocates make one last plea to protect schools with large SPED populations, and -- you never hear about this -- CBS2 has found a family that says switching schools wasn't so bad.  


CPS announces school closing investments Tribune: Despite a $1 billion budget deficit projected by Chicago Public Schools for next year, district officials rolled out a list of investments they will be pouring into schools receiving students displaced by school closings.

CPS: School closure plan includes A/C, prep for special education Sun Times: As the clock ticks against a March 31 school-closing deadline, Chicago Public Schools said Tuesday that every school that receives children from closed buildings will be air-conditioned by the first day of school, and every special education student who’s displaced will go to a school capable of handling that child’s needs.


For One Family, Switching Schools Was Positive Experience CBS2 Chicago: Public Schools CEO Barbara Byrd Bennett says the list of schools to be closed or consolidated will be finalized within a week or so, and then parents and others can react and ask questions. Keisha Smith knows exactly what they're going through.

Parents of special needs kids raise concerns over school closings
WBEZ: There is no way that they can do transition plans when they couldn't even assess these buildings properly." The district says it sent a letter home with special ed students today. Signed by schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett, it promises a plan to ...

CPS parents: Don't close schools with large special education populations Chicago Sun-Times: "Chicago Public Schools has traumatized these families,” Katten said. “Many of these schools are full due to having eight to 15 children in their room and they are not under utilized,” she said.

Lawmakers delay Chicago school closings issue AP:  A chief sponsor of a bill that would have stopped Chicago Public Schools from closing any schools until at least 2015 set the proposal aside Tuesday, saying he needs to drum up more support and watch how officials in the nation's ...

Schools CEO: Delaying Closures Would be "Criminal" NBC Chicago (blog): As the parents of special needs students rallied at Chicago Public Schools headquarters to protest potential school closures, schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett was at a west side elementary school proclaiming that delaying such action would be "criminal."

DePriest Elementary supporters say school is improving
Austin Weekly News: Parts five and six of AustinTalks' series on the seven Austin schools that remain on Chicago Public Schools' list of potential closings released recently. The schools are: Armstrong, DePriest, Emmet, Key, Lewis, May and McNair. Oscar DePriest Elementary ...


Sex, Violence, and Radical Islam: Why 'Persepolis' Belongs in Public Schools The Atlantic: I was not surprised, therefore, to learn that the Chicago Public Schools have recently decided to restrict access to Marjane Satrapi's graphic memoir, Persepolis, which deals with her experiences growing up under the fundamentalist regime in Iran.

Charter School Company Applies for Lincoln Square Location Patch:  Concept Schools spokesperson Salim Ucan said transforming the space into a charter school would be a $10 million project. Charter schools are independently-operated public schools. They’re largely reliant on state funding, so parents don’t pay tuition, but a board and charter sponsor oversees each school.

The Emanuel Administration Kicks Persepolis Out of Class Reader: The latest education fiasco from Rahm's administration: Kicking Persepolis out of class by Ben Joravsky For now, my favorite part of Persepolisgate—the latest educational train wreck engineered by the Emanuel administration—is the parent-penis theory. But let me back up for a second.…

Chicago Tonight: Controversy over Persepolis WTTW: The Chicago Public Schools denies it banned the award-winning graphic novel Persepolis from classrooms and libraries for its depiction of torture. We have the latest on the controversy on Chicago Tonight at 7:00 pm. Read a statement from the Chicago Teachers Union about the book and view the letter sent by the Chicago Public Schools CEO to school principals about the alleged ban below.

CPS mishandles 'Persepolis' ban  Chicago Tribune (Zorn): ... just how far and fast the controversy that broke late last week at Lane Tech College Prep High School has spread. Loosely translated, it says the graphic novel "Persepolis, the Story of a Childhood" has been deemed inappropriate in...


Move to lower mandatory school age faces 'uphill climb' Chicago Tribune: To address a devastating pattern of elementary-grade absenteeism in Chicago Public Schools and across the state, Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Gov. Pat Quinn have thrown their support behind legislation to lower Illinois' compulsory attendance age from 7 to ...


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  • Just announced..CPS will name 50 schools to close tomorrow morning. Here it goes.......

  • All receiving schools will be airconditioned by the 1st day of school? Window units, maybe, but not effective AC. A library in each school? They are so full of crap they actually believe their own crap. Come on. Does anyone else believe this is even remotely true?

  • All schools will be air conditioned by the first day of school.
    Perhaps a better statement would be:All schools will have
    delivered air conditioners which will sit in storage until
    electrical is upgraded to take the additional load.

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