Protest-Happy CTU

Protest-Happy CTU

So there was a student protest yesterday -- aided by the union -- and there's a protest scheduled for tomorrow that's definitely a union thing. All this despite the fact that CTU knows (admits to DNAI) that it likely won't change the outcome very much. But it's fun and easy beating up on CPS and City Hall, and that's what CTU does best (hides the job loss numbers, too). What else?  AUSL didn't know it was getting six schools until you did, according to a segment on WTTW.  People continue to hate CPS but love their kids' schools.


Chicago students protest closings plan WBEZ: A handful of organizers from the Chicago Teachers Union and VOYCE (Voices of Youth in Chicago Education) were also part of the protest. Most of the students at Monday’s protest were not from the schools slated to be shut down. But Israel Munoz said that shouldn’t matter.

Students march against closings Catalyst: Allen Maris, a graduate of Little Village Lawndale High School, said she was protesting because her younger sisters are still in school and she fears that closings could spread to more schools in the future. (CPS has pledged a 5-year closing moratorium after this round, but the district’s pledge is not legally binding.)

Students March on City Hall, Call Closings Racist, Dangerous DNAI:

Declaring themselves the Chicago Students Organizing to Save Our Schools, they marched from Chicago Public Schools headquarters to City Hall to deliver a letter to Mayor Rahm Emanuel demanding a moratorium on school closings and a publicly elected Board of Education.

Reaction to School Closings WTTW: High school students marched in protest of school closings, as faculty and staff at six turnaround schools face forced resignations. Elizabeth Brackett has the story.

CPS students take school-closing protest to City Hall Chicago Sun-Times: A CPS spokeswoman said later that CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett understood the students' frustrations. “As a former teacher and principal, and as a mother and grandmother, CEO Byrd-Bennett knows that consolidating schools can be emotional and difficult,” ...


One parent's take on the plan to close her child's Chicago public school WBEZ: All over the city, people are reacting to the news that 53 Chicago elementary schools could go away. One of those schools is George Manierre, in what used to be Cabrini-Green.

The Story of One Chicago School CPS Chatter: The following comes to me from Luc Miknaitis who was a CPS teacher before he moved with his wife to New Zealand.  He was a teacher at Bethune Elementary School, which recently became one of 60 casualties of Rahm Emanuel’s crusade against the children of this city.

A Study In Contrasts For CPS School Closings In Washington Heights Neighborhood CBS2: “We’re on two different sides of town. Even though we’re right down the street, they’re on that side and we’re on this side. It’s always been like that. It’s always been a division,” she said.


District Prepares For Massive CTU Rally Progress IL: The Chicago Board of Education is preparing for the massive rally the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) has planned for Wednesday afternoon, according to the union.

Aldermen say they'll fight for schools Tribune: Closings tinged with politics as some hope to avoid blame Chicago aldermen representing the neighborhoods hit by dozens of school closings were channeling Yogi Berra on Friday, vowing it ain't over till it's over as they work to get some of the closings reversed before a final vote.

CTU Doubtful School Board Will Halt CPS Closings DNAinfo: But Gadlin did not expect the board to rule against the closings sought by Chief Executive Officer Barbara Byrd-Bennett. Thanks to measures passed by the General Assembly in the mid-1990s, when Richard M. Daley was mayor, the mayor appoints all ...

Getting kids to school — alive Tribune (editorial_: Do punks and gangs run Chicago's schools? You'd get that idea listening to parents and activists protesting the closings of 61 school buildings by Chicago Public Schools. The schools should remain open, protesters say, because kids will be caught in the...


Debate over elected Chicago school board could come to Springfield WBEZ: An influential Illinois state senator wants state government to get more involved in Chicago’s public school issues, including the idea of an elected Chicago school board instead of one appointed by the city’s mayor.

The power of a teacher Tribune (editorial): Let us take a moment to praise Chicago public school teachers. Many are so dedicated to their students that they put in grueling hours and dig into their own pockets for supplies. They deal with some of the most disadvantaged kids in the most dangerous neighborhoods of this city. They inspire students.

Chicagoans Hate CPS (But They Love the School Their Kid Attends) Chicago Magazine: One way of reading it is that people who are actually in the system are satisfied, and the people who don't have kids or who send their kids to private schools who want more from CPS. Another is that parents are usually pretty engaged with their school, to the extent that it's almost like family, and nobody better be talking down their family. Either way, it's going to make proposed changes harder: if the problem that people want to fix is always somewhere else, just around the next corner.


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  • No, it's not fun for everyone. I will be at the rally/march, but there are many other things I would rather be doing. I hadn't planned to go until I saw a picture in the Trib showing two 10-yr-old Trumbull students, Daqueeta Holland and Dyanna Davis, crying because their school is closing and these best friends will have to go to different schools next year. I'm going for them. And for other babies who are being hurt, and will be hurt, by these actions. It's pretty simple.

  • Meh... you're laying it on too thick today Alex. You have to try to be a little more subtle.

    Speaking of numbers, are you still getting a lot of hits or is the blog fizzling out?

  • Alexander I don't think the CTU is protest happy, in fact I think the union is legitimately concerned about how many union members may lose their jobs as part of the closings. For the most part the union has been focusing on community based concerns and family concerns over the closings and down playing the jobs issue. That is smart.

    I have no idea how many teachers at the schools proposed to be closed have current ratings below the two top categories and will be out of a job immediately, but the CTU knows this information. What is completely unclear is the number of actual vacancies that will be created at the receiving schools, because it is not going to be clear at all how many children will actually end up going to the assigned "welcoming" schools and how many classrooms at these "welcoming" schools are below capacity currently.

    There will be students who are currently attending a school proposed to be closed that do not actually live in the intake area and may decide to go to a school closer to their residence. There will be special education students' families that will not want the proposed CPS placement and might be accommodated by going into a different cluster site.

    There are all kinds of possibilities for the CTU to lose members as part of the closing process. There is always the possibility that some additional schools will get pulled off the closing list and it is understandable why the union wants to continue to make as much noise as possible. It's not being protest happy its actually protecting the interests of CTU members to the extent the union can.

    But the CTU will also need to meet with CPS to discuss issues that are far less than clear in the current contract, such as when do teachers that transfer to receiving schools get their seniority status at the new schools, from day one or after the 20th day? While the contract states that teachers with higher ratings will be "assigned to the extent that a vacancy within the teacher’s certification has been created as a result of or in connection with the transfer of students." But exactly when will that be? There is no time frame in the contract that I can see in relation to that issue.

    So will it take place the day after CPS closes these elementary schools, effectively on either June 21 or 26 depending on the current track of the closed school, or will it take place on August 27th? I personally think teachers should be told in June whether or not they are assigned, so they can look for a job if they want to and not accept becoming a cadre sub.

    For the CTU to begin to have discussions with CPS over the mechanics of re-assignment is in no way a betrayal of their community allies as the union continues to oppose the closures. It also doesn't mean CTU members can't carry out civil disobedience or attempt to occupy schools set to be closed. The CTU can and should proceed down both tracks simultaneously.

    Rod Estvan

  • In reply to Rodestvan:

    I'll tell you what, I'll keep hitting this blog as long as I see Rod Estvan and a few others posting comments. Alex's headlines, well, I just kinda park them.

  • The interview tonight with the AUSL gal was telling-(Ch.11). First, she stated that she just found out that AUSL was getting certain CPS schools like Barton and a few others for turnaround. She needs to realize that this decision was likely made by the white guys that oversee her and AUSL—she was purposely kept out of the loop. As for AUSL scores, she forgot to add that some AUSL schools are below the CPS average and that one will be closed. Not all AUSL schools are as great as she fictionlized them to be. She also stated that AUSL would be ready to take-over these schools since they had 150 teachers who have gone through their program. This is evidence that tenured teachers do not have a chance to stay at any of the turnaround AUSL schools. I went to one of their borg meetings--the required plant, couch in the classroom and quote: you don't use a pencil unless you do it the AUSL way.

  • Alex

    With all do respect :What do you know about the protests
    except what you saw on network news?
    If it is anything like September expect both a spiritual
    and physical revival complete with hell fire and direction.

  • Why both extremes are wrong in the debate over school closings | Hechinger Report @s_garl @hechingerreport

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