Online Charters, Parent Triggers

Online Charters, Parent Triggers

The closings are coming -- how many, and which ones? -- while Chicago population has slowed, an online charter school operator hopes to expand nearby and a Republican lawmaker is again proposing a "parent trigger" law.  Take a look.  What else? How were ISATs?  What's up for Spring?


Closing time Chicago Tribune (editorial): In the next week or so, Chicago Public Schools officials will announce a list of underused schools to be closed or overhauled this year. A battalion of CPS officials has spent months whittling down the list and evaluating each of the 129 schools that could be closed. They've listened to more than 20,000 parents, students and community members in 29 community meetings.

Second So-Called Progressive Caucus Emerges In Chicago City Council, Begging The Question Of Why? Progress IL: The move comes one day after the council's original progressive caucus, the Progressive Reform Coalition, announced their legislative priorities, which are a moratorium on charter schools, a privatization ordinance and the Responsible Bidders Ordinance, according to Ald. Nick Sposato (36th) in an interview this afternoon with Progress Illinois.

 Chicago-area population grows at snail’s pace WBEZ: The Chicago region has the slowest population growth of the nation’s 10 biggest metro areas, according to estimates released Thursday by the U.S. Census Bureau.
Voice of the People, Mar. 14 Chicago Tribune
Thanks to the story about Chicago Public Schools' optimal class size ("Closing critics rip CPS' 'ideal' class size," Page 1, March 6), I again feel frustrated and discouraged with the educational system in Chicago. My son is a kindergartner at our neighborhood ...


Suburban Schools Considering Online District CBS2 Chicago: Eighteen suburban school districts will be deciding in the not-too-distant future whether to contract with an online school district that's starting up in the Fox River Valley. Eight of the districts have public hearings next Monday to discuss ...


Chicago Public Schools Get Too Much: Illinois Senate GOP ChicagoBusiness via CPS Chatter: In a detailed report and at a press conference today, Senate Republicans headed by Leader Christine Radogno said whatever Chicago doesn’t get in pension aid, it more than gets back by grabbing an oversize share of funding through poverty, early-childhood, property tax limitation and corporate income tax replacement programs.

GOP disputes Madigan on downstate vs. Chicago school funding inequity Champaign/Urbana News-Gazette: The Chicago Public Schools covers most of the costs of its pension payments (all but $11 million) while the state government provides $115 million for the pension costs of teachers in downstate and suburban districts.

Parent Trigger Promoted by Illinois Republicans Substance: The last time, it was State Rep. Tom Cross who introduced legislation that tried to change all Chicago public workers pension boards to seven members, four appointed by Rahm. This time it’s State Rep. Darlene Senger who is trying to get the “Parent Trigger” into Illinois. Senger is from Naperville, which is unlikely to ever face “parent trigger.” So, once again, the target is Chicago’s public schools.


Grossman wins national award for opinion writing Chicago Sun-Times: Kate N. Grossman, deputy editorial page editor of the Chicago Sun-Times, won the Education Writers Association's first-place national award for opinion writing Tuesday.


Jesuits stunned by choice of one of their own Tribune: While the selection of a new pope from Latin America was surprising, some found it even more unexpected that the cardinals tapped a Jesuit as the leader of their church.

Course founder had deep Chicago roots Tribune: It was not by chance that the first high school to offer the Clemente Course in the Humanities is in Chicago. Earl Shorris founded the course in 1995 at the Roberto Clemente Family Guidance Center in New York, and he lived in New York. But he had...

Looking to Chicago as an example for Philly's teachers Philadelphia Public School Notebook:
In September 2012, the Chicago Teachers Union led a successful seven-day strike that gathered widespread public support and a new vision of quality public education for all students.
Parents put off retirement to pay for kids' college WBEZ: Patty Halajian is a seamstress in Lake Zurich, Ill. Mostly she sews costumes for local theater shows. She’s never been rich, but always made ends meet.

University of Chicago to Send Record Number of Rejection Letters DNAI: Applications to undergraduate admission at the University of Chicago hit its highest number ever.

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  • In reply to Alexander Russo:

    He is trying to leave before his investigation begins for inappropriate relationships with his subordinates and other chiefs. HELLO WEST SIDE NETWORK. Let's see if he can escape, unlike Stalling...

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  • Check it out:

    From cpsobsessed:

    119. Elnaz Moshfeghian | March 14, 2013 at 3:14 pm

    Hi, I’m from the Open Data Institute (ODI) and was part of the group that built I’m so glad you liked the site and that it was helpful to you. Let me know if you have any questions!

  • Now that Penny Prtizker has resigned from the Chicago Board of Education her supporters are singing her praises.

  • Happy Sunshine Week:

    From cpsobsessed:

    126. Jeanne Marie Olson (@JMOChicago) | March 14, 2013 at 6:40 pm

    Wow, hi, so thank you for those who found the site useful. Elnaz, the rest of the team and I are really pleased at how helpful parents are finding it. (CPS Obsessed, can you share which version of Firefox wasn’t compatible? We’re still fine tuning the site. And I wish we WERE hiring…but for now we are all doing this for free for the civic good to try and get parents a “place at the table” in the decisions made at the district level about schools.)

    Elnaz, Josh and the ODI team are pretty amazing coders/designers, so the site will be updated quickly after the final list is announced. Let’s hope it’s closer to 20 than 80.

    It has been more and more apparent to me as I do these data projects that the district level decisions that are made do have ripple effects for all other CPS schools. No school will be excluded from the effects, even selective enrollment schools or lottery schools (which can control their enrollment easier than neighborhood schools can).

    The good news is that I’m also seeing some amaz-ing neighborhood schools out there that don’t grab the headlines just from looking at more granular and comprehensive data, and we hope to develop the data tools to let parents to see what we can see and have more data/tools with which to advocate more strongly for their schools at the district level :)

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