Live #CPSClosings Updates

Live #CPSClosings Updates

Follow live updates about #CPSClosings from the various news outlets on Twitter here, or also over to the right (look over there!) if that's easier. #CPS is another hashtag to try, though you'll also get Persepolis and other topics that way.


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  • King elementary ..... closed. Kids to go to Jensen.

  • Stockton closed
    Jackson closed
    May closed

  • Ryerson and Lafayette

  • Canter and Peabody

  • @WBEZeducation 3 p.m. briefing still has not happened. Reporters still have not gotten embargoed material. #cpsclosings

  • Is this that Montefiore special needs school?

    "Montefiore Elementary closing. Buckingham and Near North moving into Montefiore building, confirmed by a City Hall source." - ST

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Both Buckingham and Near North are also special education schools for emotionally disturbed students. Near North on the 20th day this year had 90 students, Montefiore had 27 students, and Buckingham had 35 students.

    I was surprised by this part of the Sun Times story, I had expected all three schools to be be recommended for closing and the students placed in private special education schools.

    Rod Estvan

  • unofficial DNAIchicago closings list still nothing official

  • We've got a #cpsclosings hashtag but not yet a meme. #closemageddon? #closegate? #consolopalooza? You can do better, i'm sure.

  • Canter students (81%) low income are going to Ray (41%) low income, that should be interesting. Wonder how many Ray students flee to Lab School and other privates

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Relief--Canter kids NOT going to Murray.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Wow, offensive.....but at least you're honest.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    This is probably an old bitter teacher who doesn't want to work very hard and instead coast on the backs of kids from stable families. Why change the world when you can get paid the same not changing it?

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Nope, definately a parent who does not want "those" kids with "her" kids.

  • RT @chicagotribune: CPS school building closings list:

  • Trading one low performing school for another....sigh. If they wanted to do it right kids on the west and south sides would attend north side schools. Give the kids an actual chance. Trading one school on the south side for another a mile away is the same thing.

  • Canter should never been opened. Harte Murray Ray wanted 7-8th graders out since high scorers went to kenwood program. eason-watkins should pay the costs back to the tax payers.

  • Preckwinkle really is the guilty party for the creation of Canter. Without her significant push most of the 7 & 8th grade programs in Hyde Park/Kenwood would not have closed to create this artificially generate need for Canter. Of course it also let her push for the creation of the TIF district which now, unsurprisingly, is being mined for the infamous Pritzker Hyatt development in Hyde Park.

    Canter lost most (I can think of the kids that attended there on one hand) of the "real" Hyde Park families to the academic centers, Lab, the early IB's, and now Murray's 7 & 8th grade programs.

    As a former Ray School parent though I can't help but think that this is likely another blow to Ray, given Canter's low scores and the fact that Ray seems to be operating near capacity now.

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