Lewis Says Jitu Should Replace Penny

Penny Pritzker

Jitu Brown to replace Penny Pritzker on the CPS School Board, and Linda Darling-Hammond to replace Arne Duncan as EdSec.  These are some of the suggestions from Karen Lewis in a new Chicago Magazine interview. "Yes. Arne Duncan is totally unqualified, embarrassingly unqualified. Why does Arne get to stay on? That is one position that Obama can say he’s reaching across the aisle.  Republicans love Arne."


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  • karen lewis shouldn't pick the next CPS board member, says ILRYH --

    Parents want input on school board opening - Newstips by Curtis Black http://ow.ly/jfmQd

  • I think Joyce Kenner, current Principal of Whitney Young should be included as a CPS Board member candidate.

  • Has Kenner demonstrated that she understands the concerns and issues of students who aren't in the 99th percentile? That's what I would want to know.

  • I listened to various individuals use their "voice" to clearly present thoughtful and insightful conversation that demonstrates depth of thought and awhat I believe to be a sincere passion for a great education for all students. With that being said here are a few of my dream candidates for the Chicago Board of Education:

    Dr. Joyce Kenner
    Ron Estevan
    George Schmidt
    Rosita Tachonda

    A yes I have heard Dr. Kenner advocate for the concerns of the disenfranchised. Afterall, she is both African American and a mother of a son who attended CPS schools for both elementary and high school. I know first hand that she has a very caring spririt for the CPS students. I also believe the other folks that I have listed care as well. Like I said, these are my dream candidates and if this means getting rid of some of the CPS Board members, then I'm all for it.

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