Let The Testing Begin!

mmw_testinglearning_articleA Tribune editorial praises CPS for finally closing two charter schools for performance -- and encourages the state charter commission to give fair consideration to charter applicants who've been rejected by CPS.  Oh, and ISAT testing is starting and there's a big storm on the way!    Plus other news.


Chicago Public Schools eyes closing of charter schools Time Out Chicago Kids: With 129 Chicago neighborhood schools still wondering whether their doors will be shut, the Chicago Public Schoolsboard has announced it will close two underperforming charter schools, and put six more on a warning list. Many critics of the schools' ...

CPS applies charter heat Tribune (editorial): In recent days, Chicago Public Schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett has thrown some muscle behind her pledge to hold charter schools accountable for academic performance.


Brentano Supporters Bolster Argument for Remaining Open in Logan Square DNAI: Supporters said Brentano Math and Science Acadamy's test scores increasing while neighborhood growing.

Bridgeport Alliance questions CPS school utilization formula Gazette Chicago: He added that his group did not want to discuss this issue with any CPS “facilitators,” but with Superintendent Barbara Byrd-Bennett herself. “We want to speak directly to real decision makers so we know our tax-paying voices are actually being heard ...

The Barber Shop Show: Schools closing around the shop ChicagoNow: Will this year's closures play out in a similar way, even with new CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett at the helm? We'll ask Lorraine. Also on today's show is Allison Beaulieu, an art teacher at Dett Elementary.

North, South, West Sides Unite Labor Beat: In our third report on the infamous CPS school closing hearings of 2013, we look at the protests as a city-wide phenomenon. The communities of Chicago’s North Side, South Side and West Side are continuing to unite against the Mayor’s war on the teachers union and public schools.”


Ald. Burns calls for more police after shooting Gazette Chicago: Pendleton's murder has touched everyone from politicians and King College Prep students and officials to Chicago Public Schools and Chicago Teachers Union leaders to parents and antigun and anti-violence advocates. Burns said any time a homicide ...

Chicago’s Deadly Border Crossings: Lives in the Balance Daily Kos: Local community activists and other adult leaders had pleaded with the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) not to go ahead with the change, but it was part of a long term plan to help gentrify the South Side Bronzeville community through school closings, consolidations and boundary changes.

Red light camera firm admits it likely bribed Chicago official Tribune: Chicago's embattled red light camera firm went to City Hall on Friday in its latest effort to come clean, acknowledging for the first time that its entire program here was likely built on a $2 million bribery scheme.


CTU Financial Secretary Kristine Mayle Testifies Against ISBE Special Education Rules Changes Substance via CPS Chatter: What these changes will effectively do is give the Chicago Board of Education and other school districts in Illinois the ability to try to solve their budget crises on the backs of the most vulnerable students we serve.

Let’s Move! Disaster Leah Putnam 5th Grade Teacher via CPS Chatter: When offered the chance to participate in the Let’s Move! campaign, I thought it would be a lot of fun and jumped at the chance.  After all, my students have been working very hard to prepare for next week’s ISAT test and deserved a to let loose a little.  Had I known what this event entailed, I would have definitely taken a pass.

Schools work to make sure anti-hazing message reaches students
Chicago Tribune: "Kids need help with understanding what hazing is. That requires an ongoing dialogue. They need clear messages from adults that this is not acceptable behavior." Two Chicago-area high schools have faced scrutiny for alleged hazing rituals this school year.


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  • CPS Looking to Sell Downtown Headquarters, Downsize Central Office - DNAinfo.com Chicago http://ow.ly/ilyQ7

  • Venue change for final school closings meeting tonight http://ow.ly/ilz0X @WBEZeducation

  • Anyone missing having Pulaski Day off? http://ow.ly/ilzcu

  • Dang. The library was closed.

  • So, HQ is underutilized?

    CHICAGO — Chicago Public Schools is looking to sell its headquarters and downsize its central office staff, district officials said.

    District officials said by moving to a smaller location and out of its current central office on 125 S. Clark St., the district can save $2 million to $3 million annually.

    “We are exploring every option possible to consolidate resources and reduce spending downtown so we can continue to invest directly in students and their education,” CPS CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett said. “We can’t afford to keep throwing our limited resources at space we don’t need, because it is our children who will ultimately pay that price."

    Some 1,090 school district employees work in the 500,000-square-foot headquarters, about 30 percent below 2009 levels...

    Read more: http://www.dnainfo.com/chicago/20130304/loop/cps-looking-sell-downtown-headquarters-downsize-central-office#ixzz2McL12dWl

  • In reply to district299reader:

    CPS leadership should do a "turnaround" of 125 S. Clark, which means all adults should be let go (fired) including the top CPS leadership (3 B & others)!

  • Okay Retired Principal, community meetings all but over, any idea which schools will be spared/closed? Final list?? Ideas?

  • In reply to district299reader:

    As soon as I find out, I will post it here!

  • CPS will do a "Transformation" instead- pour in millions of dollars that magically disappear, hire clouted know-nothings, and push out the remaining individuals with actual knowledge and experience.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    D299, this is the truth, but no one wants to listen to the truth. Know nothings who have the table set by politicians are always placed in the highest paying jobs. The system suffers because of this. There are very few left at central office who actually know their craft and have historical knowledge as well as institutional knowledge. The last of the knowledge will likely leave central office this spring. BBB is a short timer who will do what Rahm says, get fired and take her buy-out and her friends and go back to Cleveland or Detroit. I'm taking bets she won't exceed 18 months.

  • In reply to sammy:

    If any semi-viable candidate has the guts to buck the Democrat Machine (yeah, I know a Republican can't win. It'll take a independent Democrat to buck the Democrat Machine) Rahm won't last much longer than 18 months. His fantasies of running for President are silly, and his reality- running for reelection as mayor is looking like a dumb idea too. The only thing that gets Rahm reelected is his rich backers and pressure on other candidates from the Dem Machine.

  • so true RP! Vallas had to buy the 125-ConEd bldg. per the mayor since ConEd was moving out. All that money put into 39th street that went was sold to the city for $1.00. Can CPS get what they -taxpayers paid ConEd for this building at 125 and all the money put into it--the move, the furniture and ALL those new windows?! We paid to get the electric heaters working at the entrance.
    Love to see law dept. and Ms. Winkler having to work out of a closed school--they could experience what teachers and students do every day--no heat, no light, bad smells...

  • Prediction: 125 S. Clark Street will become the Noble Street Arne Duncan charter high school.

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