If You See Anyone Reading This Blog...

If You See Anyone Reading This Blog...

New gardens and more Safe Passage patrols announced.  What a stupid memo from CPS to principals -- just handing more fuel to CTU (protest today).  Lots of impassioned back and forth over the closings.  Where were you a decade ago? Some ideas about what happens next -- or could, at least.  


80 new gardens to be planted at Chicago Public Schools Sun Times: Up to 50 could sprout up at schools that will open their doors to elementary students displaced when their own CPS school closes at year’s end. The administration has been publicizing perks at the 55 schools set to receive children such as iPads for all 3rd to 8th graders, air conditioning and libraries.

Where Were You A Decade Ago? Huffington Post (oped): "Where were all the people who are so angry right now a decade ago or two decades ago when schools were beginning to fail?" Again with that question! Was I hearing right? Was the CEO of my children's school system actually implying that the reason for of all these schools closures was because the parents who have kids currently in the system did not have the foresight to protest the system a decade or two earlier?

CPS to hire more ‘Safe Passage’ patrols to watch over kids going to different schools Sun Times: Chicago Public Schools officials said Tuesday they will spend $7.7 million to hire local community groups to patrol consolidated schools in their own neighborhoods, announcing an effort to hire more “Safe Passages” vendors. Amid serious safety concerns for CPS students traveling farther to new schools, CPS is looking for vendors in 38 specific communities, mostly on the South and West sides where the bulk of school consolidations is set to occur.

Not 'racist' to close schools Chicago Sun-Times (Byrd-Bennett oped): Last week, in my role as the CEO of Chicago Public Schools, I made what many see as a tough decision. But as CEO of the third-largest school district of the country, what many may not realize is that I am an educator first.

Watching Our Chicago Schools Close Is ‘Like Being Stuck in a Bad Dream’ (oped) Watching the Chicago Public Schools play fast and loose with children’s safety and learning, as well as with the supposed reasons for all of this, has been like being stuck in a bad dream where students, teachers, schools , and communities are the peas in an endless series of shell games.

Elementary school closings  Tribune: Several years ago, I was honored to be a science fair judge at the South Side's Ralph J. Bunche Elementary School. What impressed me were displays of electronic experiments and phenomena caused by weather and environment, not just potatoes growing in...


CTU Plans Downtown March Against School Closings NBC Chicago (blog): Parents rally at Dumas Elementary School to protest the closure of 54 Chicago Public Schools next year. Dumas will accept new students of closed schools, but ...

Leaked memo tells principals to keep eye on school closings protesters WBEZ: A memo sent last week to principals on the closure list, and leaked by the CTU yesterday afternoon, tells principals to report the names of any teachers and students involved in protests and to document the information if any media outlets show up. It instructs them to “report all information regarding possible protestors, locations, dates and times.”

Barricades erected before mass protest against Chicago school closings Washington Post (blog): Karen Lewis, president of the teachers union, reacted to the memo sent to principals by saying in a statement, “Why are they asking principals to work as agents of this administration when they are the ones who have created a climate of chaos?


1,500 kids Tribune (editorial): Last year Concept Schools came to Chicago public schools officials with a terrific idea. The Des Plaines-based charter operator wanted to open two new K-12 schools focused on math and science. Concept, which runs the prestigious Chicago Math and Science Academy, wanted to give 1,500 children a chance at a superior education.

After school closings, here's what Chicago Public Schools needs to focus on Crain's (INCS oped): There will be orchestrated chaos in the months ahead as CPS moves forward with its plans. But we cannot drown out the voices of thousands of Chicagoans who understand that we deserve better schools. We need the courage to stop the cycle of deferred decision-making and address the facilities (and related fiscal) challenges facing our school system.


Before the schools, Mayor Emanuel closed the clinics Reader: Before Mayor Emanuel proposed closing schools, he shuttered mental health clinics. by Ben Joravsky Amid the uproar over Mayor Rahm Emanuel's plan to close dozens of elementary schools, we shouldn't forget that it's been almost a year since the mayor closed six of the city's 12 mental health clinics.

What's Wrong With Chicago's Public Schools? Chicago Magazine: The biggest issues are crime and a lack of funding, according to Chicagoans surveyed in a recent Joyce Foundation poll.


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  • Report protesters??!? My principal paid for the bus to take the protesters. When these schools close the principals and Ass. Principals will be out of a job. They are on the teachers and parents side. How insulting to the schools population to ask our leaders to SPY on us. Shame on you Rhambo... One Term!!!!! Go Toni Preclwinkle, it's yours if you want it.

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