Everybody Wins/Loses

Everybody Wins/Loses

Today's education news:  UNO says it's OK with unionization -- sort of.  Folks on the North Side protested possible charter school expansion and co-location.  Was the Sun-Times story about school closings exaggerated or inaccurate?  A Reader blog post (not by Joravsky) says that CPS's real problem is the lack of nonpoor nonminority kids attending its schools.  WSW says that SB7 and the current contract show that CTU hasn't been aggressive enough.


The deeper issue for Chicago schools Reader:  Undoing segregation is no easy task, of course. But at some point, everyone—CPS, the Chicago Teachers Unions, the mayor, and other elected officials and community leaders, in Chicago and throughout the region—will have to focus their wisdom on it. All of these parties may say that the closing of schools is such a pressing issue right now that the time isn't right to start tackling segregation. But the time is never right.

Tone down the rhetoric and look at the facts Capitol Fax: Will Caskey blew a gasket when he read that story. Caskey, who lives in the city and has a young child, was furious at the paper’s analysis. First, Caskey points out that since Chicago is still largely racially segregated, any given area that changes population tends to do so within one race, for instance…The Sun-Times followed up today with a kinda/sorta walkback, presented as ahe said/she said story…

CPS trims $17 million from 2014 budget Sun Times: Switching to Google email is one of several ways Chicago Public Schools will shave an additional $17 million from its 2014 fiscal year budget, Schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett announced Friday.


Charter schools could unionize Tribune: The United Neighborhood Organization, one of the largest charter networks in the city, is allowing teachers at its 13 charter campuses to unionize.

UNO allows teachers to choose to unionize WBEZ:  Brian Harris is the president of the charter union, Chicago Alliance of Charter School Teachers and Staff, or ACTS. He says the agreement with UNO is important because teachers from other charters have been pressured not to unionize in the past.

Charter School Organization UNO Allows Teachers to Unionize DNA:  The move is another in a series of reforms UNO has adopted in response to criticism. UNO faces a possible state investigation over its finances and has been attacked for alleged "cronyism and nepotism" for passing state grants on to closely related businesses. It recently hired a federal judge to undertake an internal investigation and make necessary changes.

Maybe I'm Wrong... Tim Furman: I respect these Chicago Acts people, even as the entire underlying structure of the schools they're trying to organize is designed to dismantle large urban districts. However, I'm pretty sure that this agreement to refrain from overt bullying and behavior that is already illegal will later turn out to be just so many words.


Rogers Park Marches Against Charters Tim Furman: Northside P.O.W.E.R works on a lot of issues---- housing, food, a just tax code, closing corporate loopholes----- and it was a thrilling evening, but the place went nuts toward the end when the charter school issue came on deck.

49th Ward residents ask alderman to oppose charter schools Tribune:  Hundreds of North Side residents are asking their alderman, Joe Moore, to publicly oppose the opening of future charter schools in Chicago’s 49th ward. On Sunday night, the residents gathered at the Willye White Field House to discuss several...

Lawsuit highlights difficulty for parents of students with special needs WBEZ:  Heriberto Lopez Alberola and his ex-wife Elizabeth Nash filed a lawsuit against CPS last week, claiming the Ogden International school failed to make testing accommodations for their third grade daughter Isabella, who is dyslexic.

Chicago Students Boycott the NAEP to Demand Safety EdWeek: "It wasn’t until this year that I began to feel alarmed being inside the school. I don’t like this feeling. When I walk through the halls I have to constantly watch my back. This is something I shouldn’t be feeling and this problem has a solution. No student should ever feel terror in a learning environment. We, the students, need to be heard that we fear for our safety and something should be done.” via CPS Chatter

A million voices Tribune (editorial): Teachers and students across Illinois have a prime chance to speak up about what's going right and wrong in their schools. They have until the end of March to answer a statewide survey on how well their schools are performing.


Back to the begining (A Pre-K post) CPS Obsessed:  All the kids on my block went to different private schools (the exception being anyone who got a RGC/Classical/Magnet spot.)   At the time, you could also use the Tuition-based preK as an “in” for some of the desirable neighborhood schools.  (Not an option any more.)

Even the Toilets in Catholic Middle Schools are Blessed WBEZ: Poet Emma Coleman, 18, is a senior at Northside College Preparatory High School and participated in Louder Than a Bomb for the second time this year. Her piece Even the Toilets in Catholic Middle Schools are Blessed is about experiences in an Opus Dei Catholic school.

Violence in America's schools: The larger role they play in prevention Examiner:  Despite the passage of a few months the violent deaths of the children in Newtown, Connecticut, and the shooting of Chicago South Side teenager, Hadiya Pendleton, their deaths have galvanized the nation, and begun a conversation of on how best to protect the country’s young people, and others.

ISO whitewashes role of Chicago Teachers Union in school closures WSW:  Far from “standing up” to Emanuel, the unions, including the CTU, have collaborated in the attack on teachers and on public education. The three-year contract included the right of principals to hire and fire teachers, the right to fire non-tenured teachers immediately and dismiss tenured teachers after a year, the lengthening of the school day and year without additional compensation, and the expanded use of standardized test scores in teacher evaluations.

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  • UNO the beagle and the union: Since UNO is a private organization in commerce, jurisdiction is with the NLRB, so it doesn't have a choice to "let the union in" (although the implication might be from repeating this that it is a company union). The salient points is that it is not going to be CTU and subject to the IELRA.

  • Fellow CPS teachers-careful with that university of chicago survey read the letter twice-results can be used to turnaround your school

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