CPS Selling Itself Off

450px-125_South_ClarkIn what will seem like a sweet irony to many, CPS yesterday proposed getting out of its downtown offices at 125 S. Clark Street.

Other news includes delays in notifications to parents that are probably caused by the closing process this year.

Oh, the weather.

Yes, and testing.


CPS may sell downtown headquarters Tribune: Chicago Public Schools officials are looking at moving out of their downtown headquarters as another way to ease a projected $1 billion budget deficit.

CPS Looking to Sell Downtown Headquarters, Downsize Central Office DNAinfo: “We are exploring every option possible to consolidate resources and reduce spending downtown so we can continue to invest directly in students and their education,” CPS CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett said.

CPS wants to sell HQ building, move to smaller space Crain's Chicago Business: The move comes as schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett prepares to announce the closure of perhaps scores of underutilized school buildings and appears designed to send the message that bureaucrats will have to change, too.


All that glitters is not gold: Why we need a charter moratorium AustinTalks: Brandon Johnson is an Austin resident, parent and six-year CPS teacher. He's taught at both Westinghouse College Prep. and Jenner Academy of the Arts. He is currently an organizer with the Chicago Teachers Unionand the head of the CTU Black Caucus.


Magnet cluster/Open enrollment (aka “neighborhood schools” notification delayed until May cpsobsessed: I have to imagine that the delay in the neighborhood school notification has something to do with the upcoming school closings.  CPS needs to see which schools will actually still have room to take students, I’m guessing.  A school that ends up being a “receiving school” may end up not having room to take extra students once all the rearranging is done.

Venue change for final school closings meeting WBEZ: Chicago Public Schools has changed the location for its final community hearing over school closures.

Schools closing around the shop Chicago Reporter: In the shop today, we'll have Lorraine Forte of Catalyst Chicago to talk about the impact of school closures across the city. Also on today's show is Allison Beaulieu, an art teacher at Dett Elementary, a school in the footprint of the former Henry Horner Homes.


When these gangs met Monday, the shots were jump shots and layups Sun Times:  There may not have been any NBA scouts at St. Sabina’s Peace Basketball Championship, but there was Mayor Rahm Emanuel. When two teams took to the court on Monday night in a gym at the Ark of St. Sabina Church, two groups of young men who might have otherwise only met in violence on the street would meet instead at a jump ball to compete for the championship.


State of the union: Teachers union grapples with change even as it remains a ... The Hechinger Report:
It's rare for a local union to have such a large influence at the state level, Zeehandelaar said, adding that the only possible comparison is the Chicago Teachers Union.

Was it Something I Posted? CPS Chatter: I was only somewhat surprised to see that it served as red meat for people that I probably wouldn’t have agreed with on 99 out of 100 political policies.  I realize for a lot of them, attacking the First Lady is convenient now, but that’s only because a unionized public school teacher like myself or Ms. Putnam isn’t around.  I also saw a lot of tasteless comments about “Moochelle” that bordered on racism or easily crossed over that line.  I do believe that telling the stories of these kids is important and I’d gladly do it again.

ISAT Scores by Demographics via CPS Chatter: The great Jeanne Marie Olsen takes a look at ISAT scores by demographic and shows you how to read data.

Teacher Maintains Creativity, Patience Over Course of 22 Years DNAI: Esther Pullman is still patient and kind, said a former student whose son now attends the school.


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  • I hear that there might be 129 available buildings that Central could move to real soon: you know, the ones without AC, no working windows, no elevators. Might have to bring your own toilet paper, soap, and paper towels. Might have to share one outdated computer with five other employess, but heck, us teachers have been doing it for years.
    THAT would be one real way BBB and everyone else on Clark Street could show they REALLY care for the kids!

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