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ScreenHunter_02 Feb. 15 10.37It's Presidents' Day Weekend, time for a break from going to work but there's still so much going on:  the revised closings list (down to 129), the charter scandal at UNO (where does it lead next?), the coming testing season (new ISATs!), and the This American Life on Harper High.  There's also an Oprah Winfrey Network reality series, Blackboard Wars, premiering tonight, about the effort to rescue New Orleans' John Macdonogh High School.  What's on your mind?  What's being addressed or missed?  What's going on at your school or in your unit?  How do you think this year is going compared to past ones, and how do you think it's going to end?


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  • Did This American Life address Turnaround and Reconstituion back in the late 1990s. CPS has done plenty to destabilize Englewood.

  • Does UNO's Rangel have to complete a Statement of Economic Interests for CPS? For the County? For the Chicago Pk District?
    If so, this can be FOIAed. If he does not have to complete, why not?

  • Chicago Teenager Shot and Killed Hours After Her Sister Sat Behind Obama at Speech About Gun Control http://ow.ly/hNDjz

  • Only employees and LSC members have to fill out a Statement of Interest. Neither Rangel nor any of his vast army of charter lackeys or relatives have to. Why? They are considered contractors, consultants. And because the future of Chicago's children over time is irrelevant to them (kids, see Animal Farm for your analogy), those people can never *have* conflicts of interest....

  • Suddenly Teaching http://ow.ly/hPxCh The First 6 Months - A CPS SIG teacher reflects on the looming ISATs

  • I have heard that CPS reads this blog; I am writing so someone at CPS can read it and get it to someone who I hope, can do something about it. As an assistant principal with many years of teaching, the emails from central office/network have gotten out of control. Today alone:
    News Alert-Daily,
    Weekly News-CEO,
    COS Weekly News Alert,
    COS’ Deputy News Alert,
    Internal Communications Alert,
    LSC Relations Communication,
    Office of Communications Notice,
    Teacher News,
    emails from the Arts and Technology Offices—all just today.
    (This does not include the school-internal memos, communications and reports we use email for every day.)

    These long drawn-out emails have too much information, too many things to answer and repeat much of the same information over and over and over again—
    It demonstrates that central office and networks do not value our time and that they may not have too much to do, except to write emails.

    And to Communications, we have sent 2 stories about our school to you as requested and not one word back or posting of them-you asked for the school stories! I will not be sending any more.

    For those who do not have institutional memory, there was traditionally a moratorium of emails and disturbances from central and network offices during the running of ISAT. Pray that this will be honored again.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    CPS doesn't care. Don't you get it? They are not here to improve education in Chicago. They are not here for the children or educators. Understand?

    I'm not sure if anyone at 125 cares enough to read this blog, but if they do YOU have just guaranteed a flood of more emails.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Because I always post under my own name I know for a fact that numerous CPS administrators read this and other blogs. I have had discussions with CPS administors about things I have posted.

    Rod Estvan

  • How was student attendance today? We had 1/4 of primary students out-we let parents know there was school today. Principl informed us that CPS will hold student attendance against us this year.

  • CPS will have to hold attendance against the whole district then. Don't fall for hollow scare tactics- organize instead.

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