Top Ten, 2013

There aren't any real CPS / education folks in the Top Ten of Chicago Magazine's most influential list, but there are a slew of them in the Top 100 -- Lewis, Byrd-Bennett, etc. Check it out, tell me who I missed (or doesn't deserve to be noticed).  There's an argument Joravsky should be in there, or Carol Marin.  What about Beth Swanson?  Maybe I missed Robin Steans.  You can even make your own Top Ten -- or make fun of the Education Top Ten that I did.


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  • There's no question that Beth Swanson should have been on that list! She's not only smart and fair, but she cares deeply about students and families and sends her own children to a Chicago public school.

  • In reply to Suzanne:

    Sure, she, like everyone else politically connected, sends her kids to a selective enrollment CPS school (e.g. creaming school). No one in power has there kids at a regular neighborhood school and certainly none of the schools on the closure list. She is part of white CPS, not the unsupported mass of schools reserved for black and brown kids in the city.

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    You don't count Penny Pritzker (#6) as an education person?

  • In reply to Melissa Barton:

    Alex understands Penny Pincher is a corporate shill, not a real education person.

  • Lists are dumb. This is something dudes like to compile so they can understand stuff better. What, "JB Pritzker just edges out Miles White* for the #3 slot"?!?! Silly. Besides, any list of powerful people in Chiraq that doesn't include any preachers, Chief Keef, or any gang leadership is bogus. Those guys command the attention and dedication of TENS OF THOUSANDS. C'mon, the Inca of the Latin Kings is infinitely more powerful than Eric Lefkovsky.

    *"Miles White" is the most appropriate name ever.

  • My own personal Chicago ed list with start with Rod Estvan.

  • Rod rules, unfortunately he is not very powerful... but he should be. He is just too honest.

    I would suggest he trim his mullet though. j/k Rod, you are a truthful and moral person... a rarity in Chiraq.

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