Lowering The Age To 5 Yrs Old

State Sen. Kimberly Lightford, D-Maywood, wants to lower the mandatory school age in Illinois from 7 to 5. What do you think?  Would it help with attendance, and make early education work better, or not so much? WTTW video below.  Link here.


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  • Chicago already has an ordinance that kids are to be in school at 5 by 9/1. (Will this change BBB to August or has no on told you about this?) You need to get them IN school at 5 -6-7-10 years old-their parents are the ones that do not do this. You have well paid FACE people at CPS, why are they not visiting homes? How dare CPS count attendance against teachers and schools, when CPS has highly paid people who do not help to get these poor kids in school.

  • Would this make retention in Kindergarten a choice if enrollment is mandatory? Currently in CPS we're not allowed to retain in K even if teachers AND parents think it would be a good idea.

  • I would guess that the family would have to enter the sped system and prove retention in Kindergarten was needed for social, emotional or academic issues that impair the student's ability for FAPE. It would probably become a battle of the experts. Just guessing.

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