Full-Day Kindergarten For Everyone

news2010Full-day Kindergarten is going citywide.  Roughly 30 percent of kids who applied for selective enrollment high schools got a spot.  School closings and consolidations will be a challenge considering neighborhood rivalries and the need to find higher-performing placements for students who are moving.
Plus charters, and CTU, and school safety.


All Chicago Public Schools will offer full-day kindergarten Chicago Sun-Times:  Currently, the city’s public schools have the option of offering full-day kindergarten — rather than the minimum half-day required by state law — and most do. Next school year, they will be required to provide the full-day program, according to the mayor’s office. The change will make full-day kindergarten available to 30,700 children next fall — 4,200 more than this school year.

CPS considers boosting sex ed Chicago Tribune: Chicago Public Schools is considering a new sex education program that would discuss sexual orientation and gender identity for the first time, chief health officer Stephanie Whyte said.

State’s Hispanic students score well, but African-Americans lagging Sun Times: In fact, black fourth-graders in Illinois scored worst of the states in reading, and black students in fourth and eighth grade scored well below the national average and the lowest of the “mega states.”


CPS Selective Enrollment High Schools Accept Record Number of Students DNAI: CPS sent out acceptance letters late this week to 4,340 students, according to a statement.

SEHS news and numbers from OAE CPSObsessed:  Here is the other news from OAE: There were 17,496 kids who applied for SEHS, 15.206 qualified for the SE test, 14,393 took the test, 4,340 (30%) got an SE offer. Of those who got an offer: 41% got their 1st choice 19% got their 2nd choice, 12% got their 3rd choice, 11% got their 4th choice, 8% got their 5th choice, 8% got their 6th choice.

Lane Tech's LSC Votes to Eliminate Class Rankings DNAI: The Local School Council approved a proposal to do away with class ranking.


Parents, Teachers: CPS Must Address Overcrowding At Northwest Side Schools DNAI: Parents, faculty and students pleaded with CPS officials Saturday to address school overcrowding.

CPS countdown Chicago Tribune (editorial page): Chicago Public Schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett and her staff have taken an earful from concerned — OK, irate — parents, teachers, students and community leaders across the city. At public meeting after meeting on school closures, there has been emotional testimony about why a particular half-empty school should not be closed. Why students didn't get a fair break. Why it would be dangerous to move kids. And so on.

Combining CPS schools could pose security challenge Tribune: When KIPP charter school was given space inside Penn elementary in North Lawndale nearly four years ago, charter students were bused from all over the West Side to a school in the heart of the "Holy City," home turf of the Vice Lords street gang.

CPS plan could put military school, middle school in close quarters Sun Times:  It’s a story about two Chicago Public Schools: one a military high school on the West Side, the other a middle school on the Near Northwest Side. Geographically, they are more than four miles apart. Philosphically, the distance is much greater. But their futures — and space — could soon be entwined. They’ll know for sure come March 31, when schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett will announce who’s closing and who’s consolidating.

Charter schools and disaster capitalism Salon (Kenzo Shibata): There aren’t any hurricanes in the Midwest, so how can proponents of privatization like Mayor Rahm Emanuel sell off schools to the highest bidder? They create a crisis.


UNO charter schools backers support House Speaker Madigan with campaign cash Sun Times: I llinois House Speaker and state Dem leader Michael Madigan — long a friend to Chicago’s United Neighborhood Organization — had a campaign fund-raiser last Oct. 30 hosted by the influential group’s chief executive, Juan Rangel, and its lobbyist, attorney Victor Reyes. The turnout was good. And so was the money, records show, with UNO contractors writing checks for more than $24,000 to campaign funds controlled by Madigan.


Lynch email Substance: Former union president claims 'CTU members won nothing from the strike....' Deborah Lynch Valentine's Day email foreshadowed creation of new CTU opposition 'coalition'


Cops: Video shows man displaying gun in Bolingbrook High School Sun Times: A Bolingbrook man was arrested after a surveillance video showed him holding a gun in a stairwell at Bolingbrook High School after school let out for the day, police said. Tyron Hughes, 18, of the 500 block of Cottonwood in Bolingbrook, was arrested on charges of aggravated battery, unlawful use of a weapon, obstructing/resisting and criminal trespass, according to a Bolingbrook Police.

"This American Life" Looks at Violence at Chicago's Harper High School NYT:  “We never say straight up in the series, but part of the subtext of is how talented and competent the staff is in very trying circumstances,” [Glass] said in a phone interview. “I think people assume the opposite.”

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  • Details on how the full-day kindergarten mandate will be funded, how much it will cost, how many teachers will be hired were not made available.
    The key queston is what will BBB and Rahm take away to pay for this? Is this why schools don't know if they have pre-school next year? Will they cancel pre-school to pay for this?

  • I don't know how they're going to pay for it, but I couldn't be any more relieved. Our school (a neighborhood school) will suffer as we have limited classrooms as it is (an overcrowded versus underutilized school). However, as a working parent, I truly NEED this. I cannot afford to stay home. I wish I could. We tried it. Now I can work guilt-free ... but STILL wish I could be a work-from-home mom.

    Moreover, I never thought it was fair that some schools had it and others did not. After all, why should people who "win" the lottery and get into magnet schools not only have more funding and programs and busing, but also full-day kindergarten? Or the kids who are already so-called "gifted" get full-day kindergarten when their kids could thrive no matter what?

    I think it's about time. I'd rather see parents who have even less wealth than I do have their children in the very capable hands of CPS teachers than in random daycare. I think it could make a huge difference.

    I am worried about its affect on overcrowding in our already overcrowded school, but I do think it is long overdue in a school system like CPS. To offer pre-school but not necessarily full-day kindergarten never made any sense to me. My child would have gone to kindergarten for fewer hours than she already attends in preschool. She knows her letters and is starting to read. She needs this. All our kids can benefit from this.

  • At our school, worry is we will lose a great pre-k program to have all day k. Without pre-k, our students do NOT know their numbers or their letters . Believe this - CPS is robbing peter to pay paul!

  • In reply to district299reader:

    CPS schools don't even know if they will have a prek program next year. Schools have been told to NOT put parent/children's names on a prek list. Something is very wrong here.

  • Stupid Rahm-thinks he can close central office (more) to pay for full-day kindergarten. What no one will tell him is for every full-day kindergarten teacher, 5 preperation periods a week are required for each teacher. So a school that will now have 3 full-day kindergarten classes = three full-day kindergarten teachers. Those teachers will need 15 prep periods per week. Who pays for those preperation teachers to meet that requirement? Too bad Rahm does not read this blog. Maybe once he finds this out, he will close or consolodate some network offices to pay for the preperation teachers.

  • Big win for CTU--more teachers to hire. BBB could not tell him, because she probably didn't not know. That's what happens when you get rid of the people who know better and care.
    Don't you dare make schools use their poverty monies to buy these teachers--that's supplanting--and poverty money it already uses too much to have recess and lsd. Parents are savvy rahm, use poverty monies for this = another federal complaint to put in your cap.

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