Emanuel On UNO, Hidaya's Funeral, Cheatham

Lots of news today:  Duncan and the First Lady come to town for Hidaya Pendleton's funeral.  An expanded violence prevention program (BAM). Emanuel talks about UNO.  A raucous school closing hearing in Pilsen. Subs shortage. Too much testing.  Cheatham wins favorable reviews in Madison.  What else?  


Mentoring for at-risk boys expanded as part of city effort to reduce violence WBEZ: In an effort to reduce the violence that has dogged Chicago, Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced Thursday he is tripling the city’s investment in a mentoring program for at-risk boys.

To Lower Dropout Rates, Finding Potential Where Support Systems Are Lacking WTTW/PBS: What's interesting about OneGoal is that it pinpoints and targets low-income underperforming students in non-selective Chicago public schools, students who are least likely to graduate from high school, let alone college. Jeff Nelson is the co-founder and CEO of OneGoal.

Mayor says the UNO should be “held accountable” for contract cronyism Sun Times: “I know what the United Neighborhood Organization does — both as a neighborhood group and as an education group. And I know they’re gonna have to hold themselves accountable because I believe in being held accountable to the public,” the mayor said. Pressed on whether UNO still enjoys his confidence, Emanuel said, “On their educational mission, yes, and that they do it in the right way.”

Michelle Obama To Attend Funeral For Hadiya Pendleton Chicagoist: Secretary of Education, and former Chicago Public Schools Chief, Arne Duncan and Senior Advisor, and Chicagoan, Valerie Jarrett will also attend.


Raucous School-Closing Meeting Draws Cops DNAI:  Police barricaded the doors when more than 1,000 people showed up in the Little Village neighborhood.

Pilsen-Little Village Network Hearing Substance via CPS Chatter: “”I,m going to give up if you shove me into another school,” a Madero student cries out as he walks towards Arne Rivera, Deputy Chief of Staff for Barbara Byrd-Benett. “You shouldn’t close our school, just because you didn’t experience what I experienced!” The microphone cuts off.”

Teacher Meeting at Armour School Turns into Community Forum DNAI: Families, activists flooded Bridgeport classroom for updates on potential school closures.


Byrd-Bennett: Chicago Principals Must Meet Higher Standards To Get Bonuses Progress Illinois: Yesterday, Chicago Public Schools (CPS) Chief Executive OfficerBarbara Byrd-Bennett said principals will have to meet a more rigorous set of benchmarks this year to collect bonuses ranging from $5,000 to $20,000. Last year, the district handed out ...

CPS privatizes its training of principals as test pushers Mike Klonsky: The board has handed out lucrative contracts to politically-connected New Leaders for New Schools and Teach For America (TFA) to train Chicago principal candidates.


Chicago Public Schools Struggling to Find Subs DNAinfo: "There's a districtwide shortage of subs in Chicago Public Schools," Katie Konieczny, principal of Lincoln Park's Oscar Mayer Magnet School, said during a recent Local School Council meeting. On an average day, CPS has about 1,100 teachers who are ...


Pritzker Parents Join Citywide Petition Against 'High Stakes' Testing DNAI: More Than a Score Coalition protested abuses of standardized testing at Chicago Public Schools.

CTU Pushes Back Against High-Stakes Standardized Testing With New Report Progress IL: “Overreliance on standardized tests has led to reduced graduation rates among students of color, narrowed the curriculum in all subjects and grade levels and ill prepared our students for fulfilling the careers and civic engagement,” the report reads. “The reforms of the accountability era are harmful policies that lead to neither short-term successes nor long-term prosperity for students.”


School superintendent candidate makes her case in Madison Madison Journal": “People might worry that I will come here and leave,” Jennifer Cheatham told an audience of about 175 at Monona Terrace. “That is absolutely not what I’m about.”

Chicago Public Schools Raise the Bar for Financial Education Huffington Post (blog): Last month, students nationwide headed back to school to begin the semester anew. And for high school seniors, that means graduation is already looming large on their minds.

Fired CPS teacher wins $225K judgment for termination Fox: A former Chicago Public Schools teacher was awarded $225,000 Monday for being wrongfully fired from a Southeast Side high school by a principal accused in other lawsuits of terminating black employees.


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  • Call me Jen: “I don’t know enough about what’s happening in Madison to know if that’s the right strategy." That's a warning to you there Madison. Any super worth her metal would consume anything they could about your district before you interviewed her.
    Please do Chicago a favor, take her. It is said she has support form the CPS president--maybe he can help you out business-wise?

  • As chief of instruction for CPS-you shared you were invited to ctu negotiations. Then why allow teachers to start at the exact time that students start?—demonstration of lack of basic knowledge of the everyday workings of city schools. Can someone from the nego team please answer this question?

  • This reflects poorly on UNO, the Mayor, the State Legislature, the State Board of Education and CPS. Unfortunately, UNO and their contractors are not the only culprits. All one needs to do is follow the money and the flow of power. The massive closures of public schools; empowering groups like UNO to turn them around; the rapid expansion of charters before they're ready to expand is a recipe for disaster. UNO, AUSL, Nobel, CIC and other operators are helping to drive education policy, rather than being governed by it. This is one of the reasons we need a moratorium on school closures until the master facilities planning process is completed. As it stands now, the primary beneficiaries of he school closures are not the children or the communities but the operators. We really do need to make sure there's an INDEPENDENT Illinois Education Facilities Planning Board to monitor school planning and development, and make sure that all schools that call themselves public schools are subject to public works rules. If the Mayor wants to do an ethics overhaul, he need look no further than CPS.

  • Forget the bonus $$$ BBB—get the maniacal, egoist, napoleonic chiefs off the teachers’ back so that we can do our jobs. How about doing that?

  • Anyone aiming to take the helm of a school will have to prove a knack for dealing with parents who are upset or breaking up a student fight in the hall and other routine situations, Schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett said.
    Yes, "dealing with parents." If there was ever a motto to be inscribed in Latin over the front door at Clark Street., this is it. Or maybe something like -- Parentes Sunt Stulti (Parents Are Fools).
    Will state LSC laws allow CPS to limit LSC selection of principals from only certain programs? LSCs need to remain strong against this. Hey LSCs--CPS wants your job!

  • Lack of subs is a Winkler issue. Teachers can no longer bank days, so they will take them. What human would not do this, especially the way CPS is treating teachers? This costs CPS more money now.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    No subs-CPS is not spending money on subs.....special and bilingual programs are shut down in order to provide coverage for absent teachers.....

  • In reply to district299reader:

    You would think that with the change in the contract, Winckler who is paid $200,000+ would develop a strategy to deal with the increased use of days by teachers? She is so incompetent that it is amazing that leadership continues to keep her. No subs, no teacher recruitment.......doesn't care. Get ready for decreased scores and tons of unsatisfactory evaluations of teachers! Blame it on the TALENT office!

  • Pilsen's Solis is a uno man.Pilsen community will need to remain strong against him and uno too. Solis won last election--only almost did not. Almost doesn't count. Cooper should never have been on that list--Danny should have seen to that--Will u remember that at election time Pilson?

  • It's "Hadiya," not "Hidaya."

  • Why is the Board limiting principals to TFA and NLNS? How does this affect other people who are currently in other programs or on the list?

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