Don't Mess With Brentano

Today's education news:  There's a new principal recruitment program being expanded, and the principal bonus program is getting tougher.  Parents and community members continue to protest possible closings -- Brentano is the latest.  Too much testing is another protest issue. Catholic schools are up again for the third year in a row. What else is going on, or on your mind?


CPS principal bonuses will be tougher to come by this year Tribune: Chicago Public Schools principals will have to meet a more rigorous set of benchmarks this year to collect bonuses of up to $20,000, district officials said Wednesday.

CPS plans training programs for candidates for principal jobs Sun Times: Chicago Public Schools is about toput candidates for principal jobs through real-life training as part of a new screening process, the district announced Wednesday. Anyone aiming to take the helm of a school will have to prove a knack for dealing with parents who are upset or breaking upa student fight in the hall and other routine situations, Schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett said.

The Chicago Leadership Collaborative via CPS Chatter: CPS employees received this link in an email today.  Just looking at this site is very enlightening.  It’s scary to think of a dozen TFA members fresh off 2 years of teaching and a year Harvard becoming CPS principals.

CPS introduces new recruitment initiative for principals Fox: Chicago Public Schools announced a new initiative Wednesday that ensures quality control at city schools. The program has everything to do with hiring and keeping good principals.


Aldermen and parents want North Side school to stay open WBEZ: rentano Math and Science Academy is among more than 100 schools on a list for possible closing by Chicago Public Schools because it is considered “underutilized.

School Closure Fight Continues as Parents Deliver Petition to CPS DNAinfo: As Brentano supporters, members of the media, and politicians continued to mill around the CPS lobby Wednesday morning, Kindleberger was given the go-ahead to take the petition upstairs to CPS CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett.

Dear Barbara Byrd Bennett, We’re Talking.  Are you Listening? ChicagoNow: Things might look a little better for you people right now if anyone, anywhere had actually ever made an effort to have a real conversation with the people whose neighborhood public schools are being treated as pawns in a crazy chaotic board game. If anyone had actually sat down with the leaders of the schools you want to close, listened to them, and brainstormed together about the best way to go about this right-sizing.”

Chicago residents fight to keep West Side schools open Austin Weekly News: CPS chief Barbara Byrd-Bennettrecently said high schools and high-performing schools are off the table. But that still leaves more than a dozen Austin schools underutilized that could possibly be on the closure list, CPS data show. Governor Seeking Mandatory School Shooting Drills CBS Local:


Chicago parents and teachers unite against standardized testing Chicago Reader: CEO [Barbara] Byrd-Bennett has asked her new Chief of Accountability to review all existing assessments in our system so she may analyze their use and purpose to ensure that each one adds value to our children's learning."


CPS' counseling director under fire for alleged LGBT insensitivity Windy City Times
If Elkins’ allegations are to be believed, it would appear Karpouzian’s unsubstantiated homophobic comment “that gay people were going to hell” is also intertwined with her religious perspective. Upon review of the Everlasting Love episodes available on YT, however, none of the titles directly address LGBT issues, and the select episodes viewed did not uncover any homophobic comments, religious-based or otherwise.

Chicago Catholic Schools see enrollment increase WHBF: Enrollment in Chicago's Catholic schools has grown over the past three years.


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  • Brentano is also an elementary school with a special education cluster site program with about 14% of its students with identified disabilities. Many of the schools potentially facing closure have cluster site programs according to data developed by Catalyst.

    Rod Estvan

  • In reply to Rodestvan:

    CPS will successfully close Level 3 schools without negatively impacting receiving schools via Special Ed!! It could actually be a win/win for all!

    By setting up stand alone Special Ed schools like Beard in some (2, 3 or 4) of the underutilized schools they will:
    1) Reduce the number of total schools closed as these schools will be transformed into new Special Ed schools will stay open (not charters)
    2) Reduce as much as possible the impact on results of receiving schools who will not get additional Special Ed students to potentially lower their scores and could even potentially have their Special Ed students sent to the new Special Ed school(s) - making sure that those scores are not lowering the averages everyone will be looking over the rest of Rahm's reign to try to prove that the closings negatively impacted the high performing receiving schools! They could actually help take the heat off of the charters nearby too.
    3) Hopefully improve the situations of the Special Ed students by avoiding a situation where they could end up in a new school that's too over crowded to be able to allocate enough space for their needs.


    No one wants to add to the burdens of the VERY Special teachers that choose to devote their lives to Special Needs children - by being in a school focused only on Special Ed, hopefully, these Special children will be better served - hopefully avoiding the incarceration of another generation of Special Ed kids.

    To guarantee that this is done well and avoid millions in legal fees and fines CPS should contract Access Living to set up these arrangements. We know that they would truly advocate for the Special Ed students in their care.

    The only losers would be the Special Ed children in the rest of the system as Access Living would have to focus on making these schools successful for the time being and possibly not be as vigilant for a while as they make sure the new Special Ed schools are set up and operate properly.

    Everyone would trust Rod Estvan to do the right thing for those students and it would take the heat off of CPS.

    It will work! BBB's crew is pretty clever do NOT underestimate them!

  • It is a principal bogus program: how about taking care of the principals you already have? CPS central office is chasing away high quality principals--though that may be what CPS wants. There will be many who will get out--since no one, including BBB is listening to principals. Your memos do not motivate BBB and then our schools have to pay for the ink, paper and person to make all the copies you want.
    Get this--principals have to pay a few hundred $$ to go to the meeting to find out how they are going to be evaluated by CPS. That's how much CPS cares!
    Not one area officer has come from a school at level 3 and made their school to level 1. Many 'chiefs' have no background in a Chicago school and are only using their position as a stepping stone. Some chiefs have never worked in a school as a principal of over 400 students--yet are in charge of the most overcrowded schools in the city.
    These prep programs are only sending student principals to level one schools to learn about being a principal instead of level 2 or 3 schools where things are moving up--New principals will be shocked when they get into a level 3 school thinking that it will work the same as level one.
    One program has actors lead the mock sessions--waste of money

  • just to be clear -- the morning news and blog roundup contains a wide variety of outlets and viewpoints -- none of which are mine.

    if anyone's interested, i'm told that the TFA alumni involved in the leadership collaborative have 3-10 years of classroom experience, averaging five, and have many of them served as deans, APs and other leadership positions before doing their formal training and CPS residency....

  • Wow, an average of 5 years teaching? These guys and gals must be experts.

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