CTU: The Fight Is Not Over

Don't let up if your school isn't on the preliminary closing list this week, CTU President Karen Lewis warns in this new video (love the fanfare!).

She says: "If your school is not on, you cannot relax and say, 'Woo, we dodged a bullet we don't have to think about it.' The issue is they are coming after us.  Is your school going to be one of the schools that may accept the children from schools that have been closed?"

Lewis then outlines a new effort to organize the schools, and urges members to participate -- "whether you are leaving or not."  (That's an appeal to retiring teachers, right?) "Do not think for a minute that the fight is over once the announcement is made. "

The message seems to concede that despite protests and all the rest the closings are still going to happen - -and that CTU fears that teachers and parents will give up, or focus narrowly on schools that are on the list rather than a broader, collective approach that has been possible while the list of possibilities has been so large.



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  • School –closings panel has conflicts of interest


  • I still have not received my W2 nor have my friends who retired in June. HR was no help...after a half an hour on hold I was told they were mailed on January 31, 2013 (by law). This is an obvious lie. I had an appointment with my tax preparer that I was forced to cancel due to CPS' continued inefficiency and refusal to follow federal law.

    February 14, 2013-very disgusted with CPS.....

  • I had not received mine either. Waited on the phone for 40 minutes and finally got to talk to someone. The person looked me up, and found that I was an "active" employee. I had responded to a letter in late August about subbing. E-mailed some information they requested, and never heard back from them. I went onto Peoplesoft, found I have a day to day sub position number as well as a CPS e-mail account. I logged in under my old info, had to change my password, and presto! I downloaded and printed out my W2! It would have been nice if I had been told I was hired by them as a sub. Try logging on under your old info and see what happens, who knows, they might have hired you as a sub too!

  • I cannot thank you enough. I did sub at my school for someone who went out on an emergency leave until a TAT was hired. No one told me I could still have access to the computerized system. I did send an email to HR last week but have not received a response. I will call my two friends who also subbed and also have not received any W2s. My other friend who did not sub just received her W2 today. I was able to follow your directions and printed out my W2. I really appreciate your help.

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