A List! A List?

Today's news:  The preliminary closing list isn't out yet, but it's expected later today.  Yesterday, a parent group called for an investigation into the closing process, citing conflicts of interest.  UNO's second in command has resigned over allegations he paid state grant money to companies owned by family members.  Hadiya Pendleton's alleged murderers have been arrested. Anything else?


Preliminary list of CPS closings to be released soon WGN: So far, the district has put out a list of 330 schools it says are under-enrolled. But a final list of closings, due out next month, could top 100 based on criteria spelled out by CPS CEOBarbara Byrd Bennett.

CPS School Closing List to Be Released Wednesday DNAI: A pared down list of schools still considered for closure will be released early in the afternoon

No More Auction Blocks, No School Closures Austin Talks via CPS Chatter: Through the closing of neighborhood schools and the opening of charter schools, CPS has forged an alliance with corporations that have been allowed to greedily hijack funding that is targeted for our children. And, as a result, our children’s schools have been sabotaged. Yet, CPS has chosen to create a false narrative of “school failure” and “underutilization.

Community groups: Inspector General should investigate closings Catalyst: In a complaint to the CPS Inspector General and cc’d to the Illinois Attorney General, Parents 4 Teachers (a group that CPS says has been organized by the Chicago Teachers Union, which is adamantly opposed to closings) charged that the school closing process is wrought with “employee misconduct,” conflicts of interest and misinformation.

CPS Parents Call for Independent Probes on School Closings DNAI: Parents 4 Teachers asked state attorney general, CPS inspector general to examine school closings.

CPS parent group wants investigation into school closure decision process WBEZ: The complaint was filed with the office of CPS Inspector General James M. Sullivan, according to a statement released by the group, called Parents 4 Teachers. It is asking for an independent investigation into the procedures used to decide which of the district’s schools will be shuttered.

School closure opponents call for CPS investigation Medill Reports: Chicago: 13 schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett acknowledged that the utilization formula had problems. However, CPS in January defended its formula. School officials said the system has seats for 511,000 students, but there are only 403,000 students enrolled, .

School-closings panel has conflicts of interest, group charges Chicago Sun-Times: 12 cited ties between the independent commission appointed by CPS CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett to research school closings, and the Civil Consulting Alliance, which has ties to charter-school boosters. It also pointed to a $478,000 grant to CPS from the ...


UNO exec quits after grant payments to relatives revealed Sun Times: The No. 2 executive of the United Neighborhood Organization quit Tuesday, eight days after the Chicago Sun-Times reported that the politically influential charter school operator paid state grant money to companies owned by two of his brothers. Miguel d’Escoto, UNO’s senior vice president of operations, resigned Tuesday evening, said the group’s CEO, Juan Rangel.

Good Luck Finding the Documents that Explain CPS Longer Day Reader: As Mayor Rahm Emanuel inches toward announcing which of Chicago's public schools he wants to close, it's as good a time as ever to examine the details of his last big education decision. If only we could.


Two Suspects Charged in Hadiya Pendleton Murder WTTW: State's attorneys outline their case against two young men charged in the shooting death of Hadiya Pendleton. Paris Schutz has more on what prosecutors say happened that day, and what they believe it says about Chicago's homicide problem.


An Opportunity to Talk About Testing Education Week News: The Chicago Teachers Union has launched a "Pencils Down!" campaign, while United Teachers Los Angeles asked teachers to participate in a day of solidarity. But the character of these newer protests departs from the intent of the teachers in Seattle.

Will CPS Move Students with Autism Again Chicagoist via CPS Chatter: While local school leadership have appealed to CPS to take the autism program at McClellan into account, they’ve received thus far only a letter from the District saying it was “very much” taking into account the school’s concerns.



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  • WTH is Hearst and Canter?—where are the Hyde Park schools? Why do they get a break yet again?

  • wth is Mitchel? And they just rebuilt lavizzo and shoop, powell and hughes too--this makes no sense,

  • Claremont is new--why this school over Fairfield academy--which is a dungeon and leased (?)--senseless!

  • fb_avatar

    Edwards Elementary has been petitioning to get control of the Hearst building. Word on the SW side is that Hearst will merge in some way or form with Edwards who is drastically overcrowded.

  • In reply to Smokes Showin:

    Hearst is NOT on the list--so will there be these secret back and forth w/othe public knowing or w/o hearings--sort of under table stuff.

  • http://chicago.cbslocal.com/2013/02/13/facing-massive-deficit-chicago-to-consider-closing-129-schools/

    Ugh---My school is on the list

  • surprise - surprise, all the poor kids get the shaft!!

  • BBB--will you be at thei next round of meetings? Can u attend?

  • I saw Ray School on there which was pretty surprising. Hyde Park H.S. and King College Prep were both there, too. I can't imagine any of the three closing, especially a Selective Enrollment School like King. However, with the negative publicity of the Pendalton shooting, plus the Principal issues, might actually threaten it.

  • In reply to Bode Gbagbo:

    What list are you looking at? Those schools are not on the list.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    My mistake. I saw a list earlier on the Sun-Times website. It must have been an underutilized schools list. It had all the Schools on the 129 list plus about a hundred others including Alcott H.S., Ray, Hamilton, King; all schools I wouldn't have thought would be there.

  • In reply to Bode Gbagbo:

    Bode, that's King Elementary School.

  • In reply to Bode Gbagbo:

    If Canter gets a reprieve--Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. Give credit to UC charter for killing Canter. well played

  • CPS Hit LIst: 129 elementary schools are on the list. Remember, 17 high schools could still have some type of school actions taken against them. Just not closures or consolidations. The real fun now begins!

  • RP: So what are the odds? Who will actually close?

  • In reply to district299reader:

    My sources tell me that CPS will take some type of school action against 20 to 50 CPS schools.

  • What are the 17 high schools?

  • Chicago Teachers Union | New Board Hit List Targets 129 Schools

    "CPS School-Closing Proposals Motivated by Race, Income, Parents Say" http://t.co/klhPxQgh

    Meanwhile, across town, Rogers Park residents react to schools now safe from closing that are off CPS list bit.ly/12MQEuu

  • Three special education centers as well a schools that house low incidence cluster programs on the closing list? CPS is begging for another SPED lawsuit....

  • the area officers been sniffing around school asking teachers when they are going to retire wuwt?

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