A Half-Year Of Turmoil

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Today's news includes more about the 129-school closing list, the impact of this year's turmoil, and potential safety ramifications, and a bit more about UNO -- Solis speaks out against what's been happening! Happy Friday.  Just a few hours to make it to the long weekend.  What else is going on?  Let us know in comments.


Closing schools—the Hunger Games, Chicago style Reader: The controversial metrics he uses to define underutilized are fixed so that hundreds of schools could fit the bill. And the money he'll save by closing schools is relatively paltry—once you calculate the cost of transferring teachers, moving kids, mothballing buildings, etc. It certainly can’t be worth this turmoil.

Several Uptown Schools Eyed for Closure DNAI: A public hearing about the possible closings was scheduled for Saturday at Truman College.

McCarthy: Police can safeguard students 'crossing gang boundaries' Chicago Sun-Times: One day after Schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett narrowed the hit list to 129 schools, most of them on the South and West Sides, McCarthy acknowledged the security concerns that have parents across the city on pins and needles. “

My View: How we talk about guns in my Chicago classroom  CNN My View:  Ray Salazar is a National Board Certified English teacher in the Chicago Public Schools He writes about education and Latino issues on the White&

West Siders Fear Loss of Safe Havens if Schools Close DNAI: Parents said closures would expose kids to more "gang and drug violence" instead of safe classrooms.


UNO hires ex-judge to review charter-school spending Sun Times: United Neighborhood Organization officials said Thursday they have hired former U.S. District Judge Wayne Andersen to conduct a review of how their charter-school network selected companies to build new schools with state grant money.

Under the Bus He Goes Capital Fax: After dismissing questions about conflicts of interest as no big deal, the politically connected group is now apparently trying to get this matter behind them so they can eventually get that state cash…

Ald. Danny Solis, ex-chief of UNO, calls insider charter-school deals ‘improper’ ;Sun Times: Ald. Danny Solis (25th) — a co-founder and former head of the United Neighborhood Organization — said Wednesday he thinks it was “improper, at the very least,” for the politically influential organization to use a $98 million state school grant to hire contractors with close ties to the leadership of UNO’s charter-school network.


Will boosting public funding for charter schools be smart money? Medill Reports: Chicago: One of the thorns in the side of neighborhood school advocates – 129 neighborhood schools are vulnerable to closing – is Chicago Public Schools expansion of charters.

Joe Moore: He Wants A Charter At Gale Tim Furman: Joe Moore wants the western building at Gale for that fakakta arts charter; he wanted it in the past, and he wants it in the future. He signed on to the "moratorium" for the most obvious political reasons having to do with heat.

Obama's push for universal preschool relieves childhood education advocatesAccording to a recent report by Voices for Illinois Children, from 2009 to 2012, the number of slots for state-funded preschool programs declined by 2 percent in Chicago, 15 percent in suburban Cook County, 17 percent in the collar counties, and 16 percent in the rest of the state.


Amundsen Eyes Strategies to Move off Probation DNAI: The school's LSC met to develop criteria to vault the school to a sustained Level 2 performance standing.


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  • Hyde Park Career Academy High School had more students killed in 2012 than any other CPS school. Last year, Hyde Park had 20 students killed.

  • In the CPS 2012 calendar year, 428 CPS students were shot. In the CPS 2012 calendar year, Dunbar HS had 15 students killed, South Shore HS had 12 students killed, Harper HS had 13 students killed and Prologue Charter had 10 students killed.

  • What is COS Kirby doing about this?

  • Kirby? All she is doing is rolling sh!t downhill. She may have been a true educator at one point, but now she is just another Chicago hack.

  • How soon we forget teh classroom--CTU has sent her a leeter regarding her directive to students earning failing grades. CPS sends area chiefs to learn how to become bad or poor leaders and then unleashes them upon the teachers, parent and principals. Gives them 20 staff to do it with, not one having to check on parents who do not send their kids to school. The area officer takes her/his staff to disney on the tax-payer dime--what we could do with that money in the schools!
    The probelm when they drink the cool-aide they like the cool aide.

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  • Finalists named in New Bedford superintendent search http://ow.ly/hM8UI One is Pilsen-Little Village Elementary Network chief Steve Zrike

  • In reply to Alexander Russo:

    OMG-Questions:is it tru he does not speak Spanish?
    that he chased older female principals out of his area?
    that he would sic his deputy on them?

  • Man, CPS hacks are jumping ship pronto like.

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