Rollercoaster Rhee

There's lots of news about Michelle Rhee, former DCPS superintendent and current head of StudentsFirst.  Staffing changes, a new documentary, a new report card for states (IL gets a "C"), and a new book coming out next month.StudentsFirst and a handful of top staffers have parted ways -- including former DNC spokesperson Hari Sevugan (who's departure I broke via Twitter)  Rhee has hired a new president to run StudentsFirst.  He's a Republican. Huffington Post story here.

Tomorrow night on PBS there's a "new" documentary about Rhee that critics hope will further muddy up Rhee but based on the preview I saw last week is mostly made up of material you've already seen on the NewsHour and if anything humanizes Rhee rather than tears her down.

Last but not least, today there's a new report out from Rhee and her mentor, NYC's Joel Klein, in which Illinois gets a C and 12 other states get Fs. The New York Times writes it all up here.  The two explain their view of things here:  States' education laws aren't making the grade.

As I wrote earlier this morning at This Week, "What will be most interesting to watch in the next 48 hours isn't who criticizes Rhee but rather who if anyone shows up to support her.  Rhee has stepped out far ahead of most other school reform advocates, including the Obama administration.  She scares and has alienated several in the school reform club, who may stand by and watch rather than standing up for a rival who doesn't particularly respect them."

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  • It looks to me like they gave Illinois a "D."

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    In reply to Paul:

    That rating system is a joke! It ranks states on their willingness to test their kids mercilessly, open charters and fire teachers based on test scores.

  • does not look good for Rhee-evidence of cheating while DC head. looks like wishes to abandon the ship she is currently on as well.

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    So Russo says the Frontline report "humanizes Rhee."

    The Washington Post says "The hour-long program raises questions about whether District officials have adequately investigated persistent suspicions that public school employees may have tampered with tests during the tenure of former schools chancellor Michelle A. Rhee."

    So by humanize he must mean "expose as a charlatan and a cheater."

    And that ranking system is a joke. Louisiana number one? Hahaha. They are ranked by their skill at testing kids to death and screwing their teachers.

  • Headache299
    Long ago, Michelle Rhee should have been tagged when she taped the lips of her students shut

    She should have been tagged when she lied on her resume about her classroom performance at Harlem Park Elementary School in Baltimore.

    First investigated by G.F. Brandenburg, Rhee’s actual classroom under-performance can be found on the little document linked below

  • Parent report card for Michelle Rhee

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