Preschool Vs. Kindergarten

So the Obama administration is talking about a $10 billion universal preschool initiative, and that will make lots of UPK folks happy.  But at the same time, research suggests that the benefits of preschool aren't as universal as we may been led to believe, and -- more important -- the New America Foundation among others points out that most states and districts don't provide free full-day kindergarten to everyone.  Just 12 states offer universal kindergarten. Shouldn't we make Kindergarten universal first?  Wouldn't it be easier, since it's already part of the K-12 system?  Which would you rather have?



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  • Research mesearch- a perfect example of the tyranny of data. It may be unmeasurable, but pre-school is a good thing.

  • Alexander, there are only 10 green states (full-day kindergarten) on your map, plus DC. How do you count twelve?

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