Now *Everyone's* Back

Not much news to post this morning, though it's the first day in a long while when all of CPS (Tracks R and E) are back in class. Catalyst reports on a new federal grant for mentoring teachers, the Tribune editorial page opines about pensions, and DNAI talks about good things going on at Von Steuben.  Anything else happening out there?  Let us know.

New Teacher Center grant Catalyst: The U.S. Department of Education recently announced that a nearly $15 million Investing in Innovation grant will bring extra resources to the New Teacher Center’s mentoring programs for Chicago’s new teachers.

Fix pensions now Tribune (editorial):  Take it as a good sign that Gov. Pat Quinn and the four leaders of the Illinois House and Senate plan to meet Saturday afternoon to talk about fixing the state's pension system. That suggests an urgency that has been sorely missing from leadership in the last several months.

At Von Steuben, Students' True Colors Are Shining Through DNAI: Student-led education reform aims to close the communication gap between teens and their teachers.

New Supplemental Materials Posted School Utilization: We've posted a number of new supplemental materials, provided to the Commission by CPS, to the Commission Materialspage.

Pro Football Coach Honors CPS Roots CPS:  NFL great Marv Levy brings Hall of Fame glory home


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