Muzzling Arne On Gun Control

arne-duncan-barack-obamajpg-1e2bd0494c214b9a_large (1)Read this EdWeek story (Chicago Years Inform Ed. Secretary's Views on Gun Violence) and you get the clear impression that the White House is reining in EdSec Duncan on gun control right now. Usually unconstrained on policy issues, open to the press, and Obama's go-to guy, Duncan's post-Sandy Hook Elementary remarks have been muted (and pre-scripted).  He won't talk to EdWeek.  Why not?  He's known as a fan of gun control and an enemy of the NRA, which makes him somewhat toxic right now.

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  • More than likely, the policy is to come out of Biden's mouth, since he is the head of the task force.

    Duncan is more concerned with the closing of Springfield Elementary and busing Nelson Muntz to the High Security Elementary School.

  • Ed Sec Duncan's attempt to use the killings of CPS students as a way to back up Chicago's handgun ban was a complete failure and did not impress the US Supreme Court in the least if you read McDonald v. Chicago. Justice Samuel Alito wrote the decision noting that Chicago’s handgun ban was put into place in 1982 to protect residents from injury or death, but that the handgun murder rate had actually increased since the ban was put into place.

    So Sec Duncan's work in the area of gun control has less than a stellar history, now Chicago's handgun ban has been over turned and eventually concealed carry will be allowed inside of the City. The City of Chicago hung its hat on Duncan's argument that handguns were impeding children's ability to learn and the Supreme Court spent little effort dispensing with that argument. It is a wise decision on the part of President Obama to keep Duncan on ice in relation to this issue.

    Rod Estvan

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