Frustrated Parents "Trigger" Change

Yesterday morning in LA, nearly 100 parents of students attending 24th St. Elementary dropped off a “parent trigger” petition at district headquarters, demanding drastic reforms and new governance for the school.

There, the parents received a “strikingly” different reception than parents received in previous instances of the parent trigger, according to the LA Times‘ Teresa Watanabe. The reaction from the teachers union, UTLA, was a mix of conciliation and defiance, according to LA School Report.


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  • Trigger Law huh? Ya might want to change that name...

  • "MEDIA WATCH: Russo enraptured with California's 'Parent Trigger' while ignoring massive community opposition to closings and turnarounds in Chicago

    George N. Schmidt - January 20, 2013

    Experienced Chicago teachers know it's best not to venture towards the pretentious bloggings of Alexander Russo at "" on a full stomach. For a long long long time, the Tribune's version of edublogging has morphed and twisted to the latest iteration of the Party Line of corporate "School Reform" with the deftness of a prima ballerina on point. But the recent blatherings about Parent Trigger in Los Angeles from Russo had to be fully appreciated in the Chicago context, so it's worth five minutes to note..."

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