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I came up with a bunch of resolutions over at the other blog (New Year's Blogging Resolutions) full of ideas about better content, longer and more thoughtful writing, new perspectives, and more thoughtful criticism.

But just a few days later I'm pretty sure I've already broken some of them, and who cares what I think I should do to be a better blogger, anyway?  The real question is what you think I should do to make this blog better.  

Just for starters, I could stop doing the morning news roundup -- or do a bigger, better version.

I could post blog entries more frequently, or whittle them down.

I could include more news from other places.

I could switch over to Facebook comments so that comments would be a little less mean (and a lot less anonymous).

I could write more opinion/commentary -- or less.

I could focus on specific schools rather than central office.

I could hire someone to go to meetings and write them up for everyone.  I could learn how to FOIA.

What else?  I'm all ears.

The one thing I can't do, alas, is agree with you more often; that's what your mom's for.  I'm here to make you think, aggravate you as often as I agree with you, and do the same with the other side.

And I can't move back to Chicago (though I'm going to be back in town later this week).

Feel free to share your own resolutions for yourself even if you don't have any for me.

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  • "I could switch over to Facebook comments so that comments would be a little less mean (and a lot less anonymous)."

    I'm not going to give Zuckerberg any personal identifying information.

    However, your "district299reader" login has been used by anonymous cyber thugs to cyber stalk in other areas of Chicago Now. So, I suggest that you get rid of it.

    All that login seems to import is that it acknowledges that certain teachers comment without having the guts to stand behind their remarks. They don't have to register under their real names, but they should be responsible enough to provide a real e-mail address to the moderator.

    Otherwise, I suggest taking Da Bears Blog's advice to find something other than Chicago Now.

  • Yes, learn FOIA.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    From my experience, you'll get (at best) redacted materials several weeks late, and more pages about that you acknowledge your appeal rights than of information. In Illinois, it turned out the opposite of what you would think.

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