Ayers Slams TFA

Here's some video of John Bill Ayers going off on TFA that some folks on the right find objectionable but seems unsurprising and not all that problematic to me. At a December conference in New York City, Ayers apparently said "the left must utilize its “absolute access” to America’s schools to further its “movement.”  New video to emerge from the meeting seems to reveal one crucial gap in that “absolute access” — Teach for America."  Is this news?  Is this inflammatory?  Video inside, via EAG.



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  • John Ayers and Bill Ayers are not the same person. This is Bill.

  • http://www.wbez.org/story/hallelujah-saviors-are-here-97183
    Note this student's reference to the "two-years" TFA no? A must listen.

  • You may or may not like Ayers but on this one he is wrong! Many TFA’s are not the ‘nicest kids in the world’ and some even stay in education where they can do yet even more damage than they did as classroom ‘teachers’

    Another former TFA ruins yet another Chicago neighborhood public school at


  • What he said tongue in cheek is actually true. Kids go through TFA, go to law school, and then go back to teaching because law school wasn't all they thought it would be and they can't get a job. This is one of the purposes of TFA. To get kids to see what teaching is like and then get them back. One of the reasons people are not good teachers at the beginning is the teacher training schools are pathetic. I think a major problem with TFA is they don't train long enough.

  • In reply to ed volunteer:

    I'm not sure the comment was "tongue in cheek". But I do agree that the training does seem too short. Now that 12 month masters programs are offered there seems to be better alternatives for those in a hurry.
    Despite some bits of crazy like Ayers, I hear the UIC programs do a good job preparing new teachers for urban schools.

  • Show us the money: “Master Class” for private equity investors in public education


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