Are You "CPS Tired"?

Today's big news from CPS is the rollout of a new principal evaluation plan that includes student achievement as a major part.  Take a look and see what you think.  The Obama administration is considering a $10 billion universal preschool initiative.  The Tribune points out that nearly 40 security staff failed to stop the shooting outside Chicago State.  Meantime, the blogger behind CPS Chatter says he/she's "CPS Tired."  How about you?


CPS principals will be formally evaluated on student academic growthSun Times: Just as evaluations of Chicago Public School teachers are partly based on the test scores of their students, principals also will be formally evaluated as of February on student academic growth, with bonuses going to the ones who thrive, the schools chief announced Thursday. Also for the first time, city schools will be compared to national benchmarks in standardized test scores, CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett said.

CPS student gains to make up 50% of principal evaluationsTribune: “We're finally at a point where we're holding all our key leaders to a system of accountability for the academic success for all our kids,” CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett said.

CPS unveils new principal evaluations Catalyst: Elementary principals will be rated on student growth in math and reading on the NWEA test, as well as 8th-grade EXPLORE test scores. High school principals will be rated on students’ growth on the EXPLORE, PLAN, and ACT tests. (EXPLORE and PLAN are precursor tests to the ACT.)

More Security for Pilsen Grade School DNAI: Security measures are increasing at Ruiz Elementary, a magnet arts cluster school at 2410 S. Leavitt.
Disney II Magnet Hires New Principal, Same as Old PrincipalDNAI:Bodgana Chkoumbova officially hired as principal after serving five years in an "interim" capacity.
Two Aldermen Open to New High School But Raise Questions About ProposalDNAI:But Chicago Public Schools cannot afford to build "Central City H.S." from scratch, one alderman said.


Obama Evaluating Early Childhood Education Push In Second Term HuffPost: According to sources close to the administration, Duncan and the Department of Health and Human Services are outlining a $10 billion plan to create universal pre-kindergarten for 4-year-olds from low- and some middle-income families -- approximately 1.85 million children.


CPS Tired CPS Chatter:  Man, I want to say something witty, but I barely have the energy to post a few links and call it a night.  I am past tired.  I am what I call CPS tired.
Teen shot after high school game: 'His mom thought he was safe' Chicago Tribune: CPS chief Barbara Byrd-Bennett ordered extra security personnel for the two high schools today. Crisis teams, including counselors, also have been deployed at Morgan Park. CPS would not release any information about Lawson's education history.
Extra security fails to deter violence outside high school basketball game Tribune: Yellow-jacketed security officers were all around the gym at Wednesday night's basketball game between Simeon and Morgan Park high schools. Chicago police officers and Illinois State Police troopers were there as well — in all more than 40 people
More on 2013-2014 Calendar for Chicago Public Schools CPS Chatter: A huge statement from Raise Your Hand on the new school calendar,  They make a great case that they’ve done a lot more outreach to other parents than CPS has.  Should CPS be listening to them?  I got this in the email today:

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  • I thought for a second you were asking "Are you CTU Tired?". Darn.

  • CPS is why we live in the suburbs. I just want our kids to get a good education. I don't want it to be a battlefield every day and CPS is. Whether it's a battle for services or a battle to stay safe or a battle with the teachers. It's all one big battle. We had another friend put a for sale sign in front of their Chicago house. They just got tired ot the CPS drama. My friend said it was like being in a war zone all the time because everything required a battle -- and their kids went to a top school.

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  • Yes, I am CPS tired. CPS is pushing the lean production - dump all the work on teachers. Teachers have now been mandated to be curriculum developers.

  • CPS wants pre-Labor Day start for school year - Chicago Sun-Times


  • CPS Tired: Well, Grayslake and numerous other similarly situated suburban district unions want to take the spotlight away.

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