Why'd Rogers Get Downgraded?

Not much news to share today, though there are links to the utilization hearings, and a note from Catalyst about the rush to use the online signup for Board meetings.  The Tribune editorial page wonders where "right to work" shows up next after Michigan. NewSchools shares all the coverage of the EXPO. A parent wonders why his neighborhood school (Rogers) was downgraded to Level 2 - especially when charters with lower scores (UNO-Paz and Rowe-Clark) have higher rankings.

Is CPS's School Ranking System on the Level? Huffington Post (Matt Farmer): Chicago Public Schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett had recently downgraded Rogers (my neighborhood school) from a "Level 1" school to a "Level 2" school, and some of my fellow LSC members were struggling to understand why.

At schools, an upsurge in mental health crises Catalyst: Calls to the state’s mental health crisis hotline for children have soared in recent years. The increase has been fueled largely by schools, now often the first line of defense when a child exhibits severe mental health problems.

Board meeting sign-up Catalyst:  Dozens of people signed up to speak at December’s board meeting on Monday morning, and within minutes, there were no more advance sign-up slots left. There are 30 more slots available for speakers to sign up the day of the meeting. But starting in January, sign-up will be done entirely in advance.

Teachers' union abandons 26000 Michigan school childrenFox News:The educational futures of 5,000 Louisiana children now hang in the balance because the teachers' union has filed suit against the state's newly minted voucher program. The Chicago teachers' union forced schools to shut down this fall for an entire week.

Where will right-to-work surface next? Tribune (editorial): Some 2,500 protesters packed the Statehouse to capacity as another 12,500 milled outside. But that raucous opposition didn't stop lawmakers from giving final approval Tuesday to right-to-work legislation in Michigan. Yes, Michigan , a cradle of the labor movement and a once impenetrable bastion of the United Auto Workers union, founded 77 years ago in Detroit.

CPS Reminds Families to Explore Academic Offerings as Elementary and High School Application Process Deadline Approaches CPS Press Release: District Provides New, Easy-to-Use Tools and Resources to Help Families Identify School and Program Offerings

Thousands Attend New Schools EXPO 6.0 NewSchools: Thousands of parents from across Chicago voted with their feet this Saturday by attending our sixth annual New Schools EXPO. In search of quality schools options for their children, parents met with leaders from more than 100 schools, including charters, filled out enrollment forms, and spoke with Chicago Public Schools representatives about other schools of choice.

Editorial: Plan wisely for tablet use in schools Daily Herald: Without good policies and solid technology plan that includes training and evaluation, the tablet revolution — called “one-to-one” programs by educators — could amount to little more than handing kids high-tech notebooks at best or, worse, free video gaming.
Recording of 12/7Recording of 12/10 Meeting Posted School Utilization

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