Principal Residency Update

EdWeek checks in with Chicago's UIC school leadership program and similar programs around the country where the emphasis is on school-based experience rather than classroom learning (More Principals Learn the Job in Real Schools).  The story features Rituparna "Rita" Raichoudhuri, a principal in residence at Wells, who's working with a graduate of the UIC program, Principal Ernesto Matias.  Started not too long ago, the UIC program has placed 83 principals, according to honcho Steve Tozer.

Is the UIC program any better or different than others like it, including the New Leaders program, which also features a residency year?

Are these residency programs any better than what you'd get in a traditional administrative degree/certification program in Chicago?





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  • I knew a principal in the UIC program--this person was complimentary. However, this person had a number of difficulties as principal in a school; receving little help from UIC. At a meeting about CPS schools, one of this student's UIC program profs cut her down. (The student was not there to hear it.) This program hired Cynthia Baron, who could basically get what she wanted for Jones--but it is not that way anymore, unless you are a favored school and Jones was/is favored.

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  • UIC's principal prep program is the best and far superior to New Leaders or TFA. UIC has the Ed policy professors so their candidates benefit from learning from some very progressive and liberal professors like Lipman, Tatum, and Stovall. CPS should run the numbers to see how UIC prepared principals do compared to other prep programs.

  • The TFA program is in partnership with Harvard's Graduate School of Education so I'm guessing their candidates experience some progressive and liberal professors too. The TFA/HGSE program has candidates work in partnered school as principal interns while taking classes full time. Then they return to Chicago where they spend another year working as an intern in a CPS school with veteran principals as their mentors. Say what you want about TFA but the program sounds rigorous and is a far cry from their 5 week summer teacher prep program.

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