No Merger For Catalyst

You may have noticed that there's a lot of content-sharing going on among education sites out there - EdWeek, Catalyst, Hechinger Report, etc. content showing up all over the place. Now, two relatively new education sites, GothamSchools (in New York City) and EdNewsColorado (in Denver), are taking it a step further and merging into something called the Education News Network, with plans to expand to other cities like Houston, Memphis, and Omaha (I think).  But not Catalyst.

Chicago's Catalyst and Philadelphia's Notebook, are continuing to share ideas and content but not jumping into the merger.  They're older outlets, with a stubborn commitment to print distribution, and are going to wait and see.

"I've always thought that a network of city-focused education publications made sense, and we've taken a stab at some joint activity from time to time," said Catalyst founder and publisher Linda Lenz in a recent email.  "So I'm delighted that Alan and Elizabeth have taken the bull by the horns. Catalyst is not a part of this particular effort because (1) we have some other priorities that are keeping us busy right now and (2) starting with two is a lot easier than starting with four, particularly when we're at different stages of development."

What do you think?  Should Catalyst stay stand-alone (with its current partners, Chicago Reporter) or join the online national effort?  Do you admire Catalyst for its commitment to print publication or wish it produced more content with the funding it uses for printing and distribution?

Disclosure:  I've freelanced for Catalyst and this blog was formerly hosted at Catalyst.

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