No Gates $4.5M Grant

Today's education news is that CPS and Chicago's charter community lost out on $4.5 million in Gates Foundation funding because the city is considered too unstable to make good use of the funding.  The foundation referred to the leadership changes (Brizard to Byrd-Bennett), and the charter association head referred to the school closing situation.  Oh, and there's another Utilization Commission meeting tomorrow.GATES MISS

Chicago misses out on Gates money for charter compact Catalyst: “Due to the recent administrative changes, we believe this is an opportunity to support the new superintendent in her transition and to give her adequate time to learn about the [district-charter collaboration],” wrote Deborah Robinson, a Gates Foundation spokeswoman, in an email.

CPS passed over for Gates grant, for now Tribune: Andrew Broy, president of the Illinois Network of Charter Schools, said that once the school closing issue is resolved, Byrd-Bennett will be able to focus on reviewing the applications for foundation funds. "Given what's going on with school actions in Chicago, the timing makes a lot of sense," Broy said.

Sun Times coverage?  I didn't see any.


CPS Extension: Fueled by Insincere Intentions The NEIU Independent: Genuine concern for the community's opinion is the reason for the requested extension. The reason would be understandable if the opinions of the community would make a difference.

un·der·uti·lize Mike Klonsky: Overall school enrollment has decreased just 6% and could well rise again in the near future. The percentage of students attending traditional schools has dropped 17 percent, while the percentage in charter schools (many of which operate in private buildings) has increased.

The "Justification" for Closing Schools in Chicago Huffington Post (opinion: To be honest and straight to the point, closing a neighborhoodschool means the city has failed that neighborhood.

Recordings of 12/3 Commission Meetings School Utilization: The page dedicated to recordings and materials from the Commission's 12/3 meetings has been updated with full recordings of both the 4-6 PM and 7-9 PM meetings. You can also see these recordings at


Parents Of Teen Strip-Searched At School Sue Assistant Principal, Police CBS2: The parents of a 15-year old boy who was allegedly strip-searched at a high school last month have filed a lawsuit against the Chicago Public Schools.

Union leaders, City Hall clash over pace of negotiations Sun Times: Union leaders are accusing Mayor Rahm Emanuel of jeopardizing a groundbreaking agreement on three pivotal issues — a new contract, retiree health care and a solution to the city’s pension crisis — by cutting off negotiations that were “90 percent done.”


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