New Academic Chief For CPS?

Todays' education news includes the announcement of two more IB schools (Taft and LPHS), debate over the closing/opening process (including a helpful Catalyst explainer about the different utilization numbers flying around), and an officially unconfirmed WBEZ report that Annette Gurley is going to be the new academic second in command to Byrd-Bennett. According to her LinkedIn, she was principal at Clark Middle School until 2007, when she became AIO for Area 3 and then network chief for Austin North Lawndale Elementary Network. That's her in red (I think).NEW CAO

CPS to get new leadership on education issues WBEZ: Gurley has overseen 32 elementary schools on the city’s West Side as the former chief of schools for the Austin-North Lawndale network. Before managing a group of schools, Gurley was the principal of Michele Clark Academic Preparatory High School for five years.


CPS pushes ahead with plans for more charter schools Tribune: Chicago Public Schools officials moved ahead Thursday with plans to open more charter schools next year, a sore point for critics who are fighting the Emanuel administration's plans to close scores of neighborhood schools in 2013.

Mayor, CPS CEO defend closing neighborhood schools, opening charters Sun-Times: Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett on Thursday defended their decision to open 13 new charter schools as they prepare to close more than 100 schools.

Lack of detail on school closings frustrates some parents Tribune: When Mayor Rahm Emanuel won a delay last month in announcing planned school closings, he promised to use the time to let concerned Chicagoans attend hearings and be involved in the conversation about any changes to the district.

Enrollment trends and school utilization Catalyst: A closer look at enrollment trends explains why the district has 330 schools that are considered under-utilized, with 136 half-empty:  A drop in black student population. More charters in black communities. Latino enrollment shift.

Data-gathering meeting added on 12/17 School Utilization Commission: The Commission will hold a data-gathering session from 5-6 PM on Dec. 17 at the Metropolitan Apostolic Church, located at 4100 S. Martin Luther King Dr.


2 North Side high schools last to offer baccalaureate program Sun-Times: Mayor Rahm Emanuel and newly-appointed Schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett portrayed the move as pivotal to their push to provide high school choices to stop middle-class families from fleeing to the suburbs.

Mayor, CPS Expand IB Programs at Taft, Lincoln Park High Schools DNA: The Chicago Public Schools are expanding their "wall-to-wall" International Baccalaureate programs to Taft and Lincoln Park high schools.

Mayor Emanuel and Chicago Public Schools Announce Two New Wall-to-Wall IB Programmes at Taft High School and Lincoln Park High School CPS: New Rigorous Programmes Are Part of Efforts to Increase Opportunities for Parents and Students to Access High-Quality Education in their Neighborhoods


School Spirit Is Back at Amundsen With Revived Cheerleading, Poms Programs DNA: Cheerleading and poms squads made a comeback at Amundsen and brought school spirit and pride with them

King College Prep students hold sit-in protest ABC7: CPS officials say they are listening to the concerns of the students and want to talk about the issues. Students say the recent removal of a well-liked teacher, along with new, stringent policies, prompted their protest.


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  • Video: Chicago student uncorks rage at teacher after union strike | The Daily Caller @ericowendc #5bb

  • In reply to Alexander Russo:

    I'll bet you 10 to 1 this is a chronically violent school with a weak (perhaps corrupt) principal, zero discipline, large numbers of students from broken homes, open gang banging, and no healthy fear that rules will be enforced. I would not be surprised if this young lady was kicked out of a charter school. People with no perspective might call her a strong self-advocate. Others who have dealt with kooks might say she is a misguided, obnoxious swill with no home training. Lets see her twitter and facebook pages. I'll bet it is filled with all sorts of nasty inappropriateness. Nothing wrong with speculation given that everybody has already decided the teacher is a bum.

    P.S.- If you take World Star Hip Hop videos as the gospel you are the fool.

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  • In reply to Danaidh:


  • would love to know program the King College Prep principal came from. CPS tends to like young/dumb. Not letting excellent students wait inside of the school for their rides is nuts!

  • In reply to district299reader:

    She was formerly the principal at Avalon Park Elementary. See school report card here:

  • Not Jen Cheathum. what up with that?

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Jen Cheatham hand-picked the Harvard principal at Henson Elementary, and the drop in test scores is steeper than the Raging Bull at Great America

  • In reply to district299reader:

    How much longer until this witch is dead? It is time for Cheatham to pack up and leave. She will not be ok with reporting to Ms. Gurley. She thinks she knows everything although she has never been a principal. Go back to CA.

  • CPS is hiring them young, dumb, or both. The aggressive know-it-all at Kennedy currently has a lawsuit by 16 teachers against him for harassment.

    CPS also tried to insert itself into Lane Tech's principal selection process but were rejected.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    CPS tried to insert itself into Lane's selection and was rejected? I don't think so. I'm sure the new principal is the one the Board wanted.

  • What is happening at Kennedy? Which teachers are suing? For what? This was another cps golden selected/influenced LSC principal pick.

  • Real

    I have a flash for the mayor and CEO. IB is real they will not take any bull.Bogan has an IB program I was one of the teachers involved during the application phase ,which we flunked twice. Finally on the third try we passed the hurdles for the middle year program. After that we had to apply for the Diploma Program ,which is the brass ring. We got that on the first try and it is without question the
    best program in the school. To become an IB school you must first want it badly, then you have to convince IB you are worthy.
    Acceptance is a year long process which includes on site evaluation from international teachers.If anyone thinks just telling the world we are IB will make it so maybe sorely disappointed.

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