Lack Of Choice For Parents

Teachers and others opposed to charter schools might feel like there's too much focus on non-neighborhood schools in CPS, but Chicago parents feel just as strong that there's not enough choice in CPS -- of any kind.  On that topic, the Washington DC-based Brookings Institute has just put out a report on district choice in which Chicago comes in #10, well behind places like New York City, Washington DC, and Minneapolis.

The rankings are based not just on charters but also other kinds of options -- magnets, specialized programs, and virtual education.

One of the most interesting things that other cities have is a school matching system like the ones NYC and New Orleans use in which parents rank their choices and submit them to a computer program that maximizes their chances of getting a top pick, rather than applying individually to schools, getting into or rejected from all of them, and taking up spots at multiple schools.

Over all, CPS gets a C+ on the Brookings ranking. Click the link to see the detailed report

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