A Calmer Kind Of Critique

How nice, amid all the finger-wagging and anger and mistrust, to read about a Chicago parent who's getting involved and apparently making a difference without going all conspiracy theory "they're out to get us!" in the process.

She's Jeanne Marie Olson, profiled in this DNAInfo profile by Casey Cora: Meet the Mom Who's Taking on Chicago Public Schools.

My favorite line is Olson's remark: “It’s not good or bad. I think [CPS is] just really a huge, unwieldy organization, and it’s really hard to know what’s going on at the local level,” she said.

Read it and see if you notice the difference.  Is it because she's a parent, not a teacher, or because she's in North Park?  I don't know.  Maybe it doesn't matter.

Will it be more effective than banging on the gates and attacking everyone's character?  I don't know.  But it's certainly a little easier to listen to for me.



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    My favorite quote? “There are top-brass beliefs about what’s happening lower down ... but if you walk into offices and retail stores and the shop floor you really find out what’s not happening and it’s causing big problems,” she said.

    My favorite quote from Russo? "Is it because she's a parent, not a teacher...?" Unfortunately typical of him. I guess teachers have nothing to offer, even though we are the ones on the "shop floor."

  • In reply to Ed Dziedzic:

    Hmm, I guess banging on the gates and attacking someone's character feels more effective.

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    What are you referring to? When were people who are against Rahm's screwed-up education policies "banging on the gates?" Ans there are plenty of calm, reasoned people who don't like Rahm, or BBB or Rauner or Pritzker etc.

  • From the distance factor alone (New York to Chi-town), one would assume the banging is not as audible. Maybe if you were challenged with 30plus students all day, the banging is rather quiet in relation. You know the shop floor is rather loud. FYI... I'm typing this in a whisper tone.

  • And, I love how the educational rhetoric has evolved from war speak "in the trenches" to the much more modern capitalistic business lingua franca... "shop floor" the "brass". God help us.

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