Zigzagging Already

Wow.  Just a few days after announcing a new school closing and outreach plan on Wednesday (School Closing Sprint), CPS revealed that it was going to ask for four more months to come up with a final list of closings.

It's neither the moratorium that CTU and others are asking for, nor the smooth launch of a new, more effective operation of the Central Office whose decisions can be trusted that others had hoped would come from the arrival of Byrd-Bennett.

What caused the sudden change of course -- legal problems, political concerns, logistical issues?  Was it always in the works to ask for an extension, and nobody noticed until Friday?  Whose decision was it -- Byrd-Bennett's or City Hall's? Nobody seems to know.  I'm not even sure anyone's asked.

New CPS chief Bennett seeks delay in school closing list release Sun Times:The March 31 deadline would fall after CPS students complete standardized tests so they won’t be distracted by news about their schools, Byrd-Bennett said. It would be after the deadline to apply to charter, magnet and selective enrollment schools, churning up another set of complications for parents that Byrd-Bennett said she hadn’t yet figured out.

Chicago's Emanuel faces new clash with teachers on school closings Tribune: Facing a December 1 deadline to issue a proposed list of schools to be closed, new Chicago Public Schools chief executive Barbara Byrd-Bennett on Friday asked the state legislature for a four-month delay until March 31.

CPS wants more time to compile school closing list Tribune: Chicago Public Schools officials plan to ask the state legislature for more time before submitting a required list of school closings. The deadline is Dec. 1.

School closing decisions may be delayed until spring WBEZ: Byrd-Bennett said a moratorium is out of the question because she could be facing a $1 billion deficit in the next fiscal year. But school officials have not yet said how much money they could save by closing schools, but several observers say it won’t be much.

CPS to ask to delay school action announcements Catalyst: To get the deadline postponed, a lawmaker will have introduce a bill and it would have to be voted on during the veto session that starts Nov. 27. The other co-chair of the taskforce, Rep. Cynthia Soto, said she and her colleagues have a lot of questions for CPS before they support changing the law to extend the deadline. She said they have a meeting set up.

Chicago Police arrest school closing protesters camped outside Rahm ... Sun-Times: “No more school closings,” they hollered hours after the Chicago Public Schools announced a new plan to figure out which school buildings to close and which to merge. Their number grew to more than 100, their chants more elaborate.

Editorial: Schools CEO is right to reach out to parents Sun-Times: Chicago's new schools chief did something very wise on Friday. CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett spoke honestly and with real conviction about the profound distrust of CPS' leadership that runs deep in nearly every corner of Chicago.

Involving parents Tribune: Starting this month, in 70 Chicago public schools, parents who pick up their children's report cards and join in teacher conferences will receive a Walgreen reward card worth $25 in free merchandise at the chain's stores.

A Chicago Teaching Fellow's reflection: still teaching in the Chicago Public Schools White Rhino: A guest post by Dan Holder   “What’s up?” Dyl asks from DC, Fall 2010. He works for the Department of Justice. “Still teaching,” I tell him, “but I’m thinking of applying for PhD program in History.” “What are you up to?” Bri asks from Cornell, Winter 2011.



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  • B3, what do you need more time for? The Community Action Councils (CAC's) have been operating fot two years now and CPS continues to ignore us! I know nothing will change with this "new" commission. It's the same "O", same "O'. Please give me a break!

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