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In a story that's been bubbling along below the surface for a few weeks now, the Tribune notes that demographic changes are shifting kids' chances of getting into elite schools. Are your kids or your school affected by the changes?  Has the "tier" system made a big difference in the handful of years it's been in place? Plus the rest of the day's education news -- and anything else that's on your mind.For some, entering a city elite high school gets a little more difficult Tribune: This year, census tracts in Logan Square, Rogers Park, West Ridge, Lincoln Square, Edgewater and West Town moved into tier 4, even as the median income for the fourth tier jumped from $77,651 to $93,499. Also this year, 11 tracts moved down a tier.

Racial integration is possible in Chicago Reader: African-Americans have been more welcome as neighbors on the north side than on the southwest side—especially in Rogers Park, Edgewater, Uptown, and, increasingly, West Ridge. These communities have significant proportions of Hispanics and Asians as well as whites and blacks, and much economic diversity.

Why don’t most Illinois teachers receive Social Security? WBEZ:  There are 18 different state pension systems in Illinois, and each one covers different types of employees with different funding mechanisms. Of those 18, two coordinate with Social Security: the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund and the State Employees’ Retirement System.

Latino voting power can create better education reform Ray Salazar: Unlike the animal, Latino English teachers are not an endangered species--there have never been many of us in theChicago Public Schools. And we know the low number of Latinos with college degrees in our city.

Teacher fired over relationship Sun Times: After years of enjoying a teacher-student relationship that included exchanging CDs and sharing personal information, Rich East social studies teacher Rocco Rado went out for coffee with an 18-year-old female pupil in April, police said.

Smile -- Testing of speed cameras set for 4 sites Tribune: Pat Quinn approved a plan that would allow Chicago to have speed cameras in proximity to schools and parks, a network that could cover nearly half the city.

Philanthropic giving to Latino nonprofits stays the same despite population growth Chicago Reporter: In Illinois, the Latino population has increased by 32 percent during the last decade. Latinos are the state’s largest minority, accounting for about 16 percent of the total population and 30 percent of Chicago’s population. Yet none of the top 10 foundations whose grants explicitly target Latinos were located in the Midwest.

Fenwick High School Teacher Wins On ‘Jeopardy’  CBS2: Burnett says he intends to use the money to buy a condominium for his mother. “I think about all she sacrificed to make sure I had this tremendous education and tremendous thirst for knowledge,” Burnett said.

Chicago Gives Thanks: Local Politicians, Activists, Artists & More Share What They're Grateful For Huffington Post:  We asked some of our favorite Chicagoans what they are thankful for this year.


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  • I have heard that anyone who retired between 2001-2004
    has had their pension lowered.The union and board settled a
    lawsuit last week.The part which is not clear is how those affected
    pay back some of the overage.
    the story on the CTPF web site said they will have their cola
    eliminated for two years but will not have to pay back the rest.
    But a retiree I know said his overpayment was in the thousands
    and his cola will be eliminated to pay for the whole amount.
    Does anyone know the truth?

  • In reply to rbusch:

    Dear rbusch, my understanding is that you will not receive your 3% cola until you have paid back the full overpayment. In other words, your annual 3% cola will be used to pay back the overpayment. Once the overpayment is paid in full, then you will start receiving your 3% cola again. I hope this helps. Thanking you in advance.

  • Bob--did you ever get an answer about you subbing for CPS?
    Hope they said yes, CPS need subs like crazy.

  • Thank you both .
    I retired in 2011 so i guess it doesn't affect me.
    But my buddy who retired in 02' is mad.

    I have not gotten anything yet.Figured this week would be a total waste
    so next week i will try again.

  • new schools expo next weekend, FYI: http://www.cps.edu/Spotlight/Pages/Spotlight368.aspx

  • Moratorium on school closings

  • wasn't catalyst going to join gothamschools and ednewscolorado? doesn't sound like it here, but i'll have to ask what happened


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    Low income students now make up nearly half of all students in the state

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