Report Card Pickup Day

It's report card pickup day -- fun! -- with new school progress reports and gift cards, too.  There was a protest against school closings yesterday.  Advance Illinois' annual report on IL schools came out.  Oh, and your Tier may have changed, so you better check.  Yet again, I've stopped receiving press releases, event advisories, and conference call invitations from CPS.REPORT CARD PICKUPS

CPS report card pickup day for both grammar and high schools Tuesday Sun Times:  Tuesday is report card pickup day at Chicago public schools, and for the first time in more than a decade, elementary and high schools will be handing out report cards on the same day.

For the Record: School progress reports Catalyst: In the past, the ratings played a key role in whether a school was closed, but this year proposed guidelines on school actions focus on utilization as the key factor for consideration. This year, responding to criticism that last year’s reports were too confusing and showed results of several standardized tests,


Teachers union marches against school closings Tribune: As it girds for a battle over school closings, the Chicago Teachers Union is adhering to the strategy it employed during the September strike by framing the fight as one pitting ...

Protesters march against school closings Catalyst:  After the march, supporters – including many teachers – rallied inside the Hyatt Regency Chicago, protesting Hyatt’s participation in a Hyde Park development that received tax-increment financing dollars.

Activists rally against school closings WBEZ: In a grant application sent to the Gates Foundation last spring, CPS outlined plans to open 100 new schools in the next five years, about 60 of them privately run charters. A spokeswoman says that number is not set in stone and was only a projection.


Report slams Illinois schools, sees little impact from reform efforts Crain's Chicago:  Results were somewhat better for eighth-graders on math — particularly among Latinos, and particularly in Chicago Public Schools — but only a third hit their marks.

Grades for Illinois education up slightly, but still low Catalyst: Only one-third of Illinois students are proficient in reading at 3rd grade, begin high school academically on-track to graduate and leave high school ready for college, according to the latest Advance Illinois report on education in Illinois.


CPS Encourages Families to Review Updated Tiers for Magnet, Selective ... Hispanically Speaking News: Chicago Public Schools (CPS) today announced updated tier data is now available via the District's Office of Access and Enrollment's (OAE) website at


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  • New map charts how Chicago's public schools stack up against each another

  • In reply to Alexander Russo:

    I was less than pleased to see my neighborhood school--Taft--compared to Northside College Prep (a SE school) and Von Steuben Metro (a magnet school requiring minimum stanines of 5). Since we have to take neighborhood kids that cannot meet their entrance requirements, it seems unfair to show how we "stack up against each other."

  • "Recent efforts to expand CPS’ high-quality school options include:

    - Creation of five new Early College STEM programs – one in each area of the city - to give our high school students a rich, technology-focused program of study that allows them to earn significant college credits and exposes them to careers in major IT companies like IBM, Motorola Solutions, Cisco, Microsoft and Verizon.
    - A commitment to creating new IB programs, as well as creating five wall-to-wall IB neighborhood schools—one in each areas of the city.
    - Implementation of a new selective enrollment program at South Shore International College Prep High School – creating an estimated 120 high-quality seats at the school."

    from HSN link.

    Where are the S and SW high schools with wall-to-wall IB and STEM?

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Recent efforts to expand CPS’ high-quality school options include:

    Read this as "continuing efforts to weaken the Chicago Teachers Union by finding ways to dismiss tenured teachers"

    When a school undergoes a "change in educational focus" CPS can let go pretty much anyone they want to. For example, it is nearly impossible to obtain IB training and certification unless you are hired to work at an IB school. Rarely does CPS implement an IB program and offer the training to the teachers already there, even if they are willing and able to undergo the training.

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