Ending Sibling Preference (In New York)

They're doing things in New York City to open up access to the city's wildly oversubscribed gifted programs and popular schools that would, I imagine, make folks crazy in Chicago, too -- even if everyone agreed that they were the right things to do. Yes, including an end to the sibling preference.  What do you think?  What would happen if they did that here, too? I mean, after the screaming died down.

For starters, they're reducing the attendance zones for some of the city's most popular schools, including a couple of schools in Park Slope, Brooklyn (think Lincoln Park), and they're talking about eliminating or phasing out the longtime rule that kids who registered at a school could finish out their educations there even if their parents moved away the next year.

But that's not the worst.  They've changed the tests they used to determine who was considered gifted, in order to disadvantage poor and minority and ELL kids a little bit less.  And they're getting rid of the sibling preference -- the sibling preference! -- for gifted programs so that kids who scored higher didn't get bumped by a kid with a lower score but an older sibling already in the school. (City Ends Sibling-Preference Rule in Gifted Admissions).





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  • FYI: There is currently no sibling preference in Chicago selective enrollment schools (gifted and classical). The only programs in Chicago that have sibling preference do not involve testing children. So Chicago is actually already on the tract that New York is heading.

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