CTU's $30M A Year

The good news is that CTU isn't one of the several big-city union locals running a deficit, according to union watchdog EIA, and the third-biggest teachers union local in the nation's dues enrollment was down less than 2 percent (all figures are for 2010-2011).

The bad news is that CTU made only $4 million on its $26 million revenues from dues, compared to LAUSD's $18 million.

Five of eight of the largest union locals  -- LA, NYC, Dade, Broward, and San Francisco -- had budget deficits, and half of the 36 largest locals saw their dues revenue decrease from the previous year.

Still, with dues of  $1,031.88 per teacher and roughly $30 million in revenues from all sources, CTU has 93 employees it pays $8 million.

That leaves $22 million per year for everything else -- operations, outreach, and all the other stuff.

What do they do with all of that money, year after year -- and how big is their war chest?  I have no idea.

Maybe they could give CPS a loan, buy some classroom air conditioners, or -- this would probably be really expensive -- make CPS teachers whole for the seven days of work they lost?



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    Its a drop in the bucket...think of what CPS spends on silly things like the day care program it ran while the strike was going on...that was $25mn. I would say that CTU has to be VERY diligent about where and how they spend this money - they cannot throw money around liker CPS can.

  • In reply to M Wesoloskie:

    CPS announced it had $25M available but it has not revealed what the actual cost of the strike disruption was. My guess - about 5 to 10M in additional hourly wages paid.

  • more from EIA's Antonucci:

    locals aren't uniform in their accounting methods. CTU includes grants from AFT and IFT in its income, but it also includes the AFT and IFT dues payments its passes up the line as expenses. That accounts for a net of $9-10 million of that extra money.

    The other large expenses include $1.3 million to outside law firms, $1.16 million in office expenses, $1.1 million for occupancy, $1.05 million for "defense," $684K for conferences and $473K for "other."

  • In reply to Alexander Russo:

    Whatever the price, CTU kicked Emanuel's anti-education ass. Anyway you slice it that is a good deal for the children, parents, and regular people of the city.

  • Güao. That's a lot of money.

  • In reply to Ray Salazar:

    That is a lot of money, but it is money well spent. CTU negotiated a damn good contract and created a culture of solidarity among membership. $1000 bucks or so is really nothing for the excellent teachers working at struggling schools who faced near certain job loss.

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