Closing Charters, Too

Welcome back! CPS is pledging to consider closing charters (for performance) as well as district schools (for under-enrollment). Parents were given maps comparing their schools to other nearby schools yesterday -- anyone see these things?  Lots and lots on truancy - an editorial, a chat, twitter, Whet.  Plus misc. CLOSING (CHARTERS)

CPS promises tough scrutiny of charters Catalyst:  Last year, CPS gave two charter schools shortened contracts and put them on alert that they need to perform better. One of them, ACE Tech Charter, got a one-year contract and once again this year got a Level 3 rating, which is the lowest level. The others face renewal as they come to the end of five-year contracts. Among them are UNO, the University of Chicago Charter Schools and the two campuses of North Lawndale College Prep. In addition to ACE Tech Charter School, the three campuses run by Betty Shabazz International Charter School and one of the Aspira Charter Schools have had Level 3 ratings—the lowest the district gives—for at least three years. North Lawndale College Prep’s performance also has vacillated between Level 2 and Level 3.

CTU targets business executives as protests over school closures escalate Medill Reports: “Although 69% of all Chicago Public Schools are neighborhood attendance area schools, they received 48% of all TIF funds, or a third less than what would be expected if the allocation of TIF revenues were proportionate,” Farmer writes, saying schools with ...


New map charts how Chicago's public schools stack up against each other WBEZ:  Parents with children in Chicago Public Schools are getting two report cards today—one for their child and one for their school. They’ll see something new on one of them.


'I want to go to school' Tribune (editorial): Keeping children out of class is a form of abuse. Curtis Gardner is an 11-year-old Chicago fifth-grader who has already lost 186 days of school. That's right — more than a full year of class time.

Truancy in the Chicago Public Schools: How Bad Are We? ChicagoMag: Even in the era of No Child Left Behind, it's surprisingly hard to get good data on school truancy across the country. To the extent that it exists, other urban districts seem to share our problems.

'Afternoon Shift' #188: The art of war WBEZ: The small town of Galesburg, Illinois has figured out a way to get truant kids back inschool; and their methods may help an overwhelmed CPS. Gary Marx and David Jackson of the Chicago Tribune talk about their investigative report. ALSO: A Twitter chat with David Jackson and Gary Marx


Illinois schools rate C’s for performance, education group says Sun Times: An influential education group Tuesday gave Illinois’ effort in public education slightly improved grades — mostly Cs — despite a “disturbing” trend of mostly flat academic performance.

Concessions imposed on Chicago-area teachers Socialist Worker: Despite a determination to fight, teachers in Chicago-area suburban schools are having concessions contracts imposed attacking wages, benefits and working conditions.

Emanuel seeks to make city vending machine fare healthier Sun Times: Junk food junkies may soon have a tough time getting their daily fix at vending machines located at 90 buildings owned and leased by the city of Chicago. Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants to limit their offerings to healthy snacks and lower-calorie beverages, starting in January, when a new vending machine contract takes effect.


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  • FACE--paid CPS employees in every network who are to connect parents with their school. Why are not FACE employees visiting homes and getting these poor students in school? Why not?

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