Sun-Times' Newish Face

Last weekend at a conference in Minneapolis I finally had the chance to meet Lauren FitzPatrick, the Sun-Times reporter who's been working on education along with Rosalind Rossi for the past few months. Some links and background about her are below. Any thoughts about her work, or the combined work of Rossi, FitzPatrick, and Speilman at the Sun-Times, this would be the time and place.   Me, I'm just glad that there's someplace that's adding education reporters rather than taking them away. You've probably already noticed her byline on education stories this fall or over the summer. (Ex-U.S education official knocks school closings as ‘destabilizing’Can teachers strike over evaluations?).  According to her Linkedin, she was previously at the Daily Southtown and Gatehouse Media and went to Georgetown and Medill.  According to her Twitter profile (@bylaurenfitz) and in real life, she's got great glasses.


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  • Really nice to see more edu reporters. So far, I like Ms. Fitzpatrick's reporting - in the words of FOX news, she's fair and balanced....I'm getting the sense that since her arrival, Ms. Rossi and Ms. Speilman have been stepping up their game with the new kid in town.

    I much preferred the Sun-Times reporting over the strike and other issues to the Tribune and it's not often I can say that.

    Welcome to the chaos that is public education in Chicago, Ms. Fitzpatrick!

  • I met Ms. Fitzpatrick at a training I gave for the Better Government Association on understanding the CPS budget process two weeks ago. She went there to learn more about the process and I was impressed that she is taking the money issues seriously.

    Alexander on a completely different topic since you are stuck in NYC apparently with power what is your understanding of the number of NYC schools impacted with water or wind damage? I have not seen one picture of a damaged school, were they largely spared? Second when are schools expected to reopen in the city? It seems like it might be easier for the students to get to many schools than for the teachers to navigate their may into work right now. Lastly, I was greatly worried that Nathan's hot dogs on Coney Island was destroyed, but I heard it dogged the bullet, is that true? To be honest its one of the few things I really like about NYC.

    Rod Estvan

  • Rod: I hope you're training someone special to be a watchdog on the budget for years to come!

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