No Waiver For Illinois

With yesterday's approval of Idaho, Illinois is the last state whose application for an NCLB waiver hasn't been approved by the USDE. Thirty four states plus DC have them -- though some states with waivers are getting heat for setting different goals for students by race, income, etc.  Oh, and there were some hearings about the budget that nobody knew about.  Parents are suing CPS.  Highland Park is coming off strike.  New Trier might start charging activity fees.NCLB

Idaho Wins NCLB Waiver EdWeek: This leaves Illinois' request as the one that's languished in NCLB waiver purgatory the longest. (I'm not counting Iowa, whose request was basically rejected, or California, which is going the not-likely-to-succeed, do-it-yourself route.) Seven other states applied more recently, and still await word.

New Schools Chief Describes "Clear Vision" for CPS NBC Chicago (blog): Chicago Public Schools' fourth chief in less than two years says "everything is on the table" in her plan for the district, from deficit solutions to moving on from this summer's teacher strike. "We have a very clear vision that's been set," Barbara ...


Bashing CPS teachers won't fix school problems, parent group says Medill: At a Parents4Teachers fundraiser this week, Karen Lewis, president of the Chicago Teachers Union, focused on education reform and said that kindergartners are required to take 14 tests this year. “Do not allow your child to be abused this way,” she said.

CPS holds hearings on new budget, new CEO explains next moves Fox: Chicago Public Schools held two public hearings Tuesday night to present its amended budget.


New Trier considers fees for athletics Tribune: Athletes at the North Shore school are not currently charged to participate in sports, but that could change as the school board finance committee looks to change its fee structure.

Strike ends for schools in Highland Park, Highwood WBEZ: Negotiators in North Shore School District 112 reached a tentative agreement early Wednesday to end the strike. That means classes are back on for students in Highland Park and Highwood.


Dad says coach videotaped son being beaten by teammates ABC7: The attorney for the family says the student was beaten with belts and taunted after he left the practice field because of shortness of breath. He has asthma.

Family sues after Rolling Meadows High School student loses thumb Sun Times: A Rolling Meadows High School student had to have her thumb amputated after she was injured in a table saw accident while working for a school theater production, according to a lawsuit filed Wednesday.



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  • WOW! 22 children and 2 teachers or 1 teacher-1 aide—Ah, childhood—all lost on the testing and overcrowding medusa that is CPS. (Kindergarteners now take 14 tests.)

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    In reply to district299reader:

    I wish I could send my daughter to a public school like I attended 30 years ago. It was a different world then.

    My daughter will in Kindergarten next year and the school she will go to currently has 33 students in a single kindergarten no aid. Shameful.

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    In reply to M Wesoloskie:

    A lot has changed though today. Back when I was a kid attending public school....

    1) Society did not blame the teacher when I did not do my homework.
    2) Society did not make it the schools mandate to feed the community three meals a day - instead of educating them. Back then society left that up to Human Services within the community.
    3) Back then we didn;t blame the teacher for students who can;t behave.
    4) Back then, if you didn;t speak English you had better hurry and learn becasue it wasn;t the schools problem to teach you in your native language.
    5) Back then we had a real dean of students who everyone was scared as hell of - today teachers are told to dealw ith behavior problems no matter how aggregious and distracting to the other 33 students in the class.
    6) Back then I had text books to learn from - and was expected to take care of them or else mom and dad had to pay for them.
    7) Back then, if you were not here legally you were not allowed to attend public school that tax payers pay for.

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