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Chicago gets $27 million in school improvement grants WBEZ:  The school improvement grants, or SIG grants, go to Chicago Vocational Career Academy (CVCA), Roberto Clemente Community Academy, Bowen Environmental Studies High School, Bogan High School and Al Raby High School.

CPS promotes allergy awareness Chicago Tribune: Chicago Public Schools is simultaneously increasing its awareness of the dangers of severe allergies and stocking more of the EpiPen shots used to treat them this academic year.

The new McCarthyism The Capitol Fax Blog: Emboldened by the success of the Chicago Teachers Union strike, unions across the state are now waging, or threatening to wage, strikes of their own.

It's All The Same Thing! Tim Furman: One thing I'm looking for during my declining years is how this term "college ready" is going to play out. Everyone's going to be "college-ready."

The messiah WBEZ:   Benji Wilson was a king, cut down dead in 1984. Because I have often gone into what people call the inner city to watch basketball, I saw Wilson play in high school. And so, I am at a game a few years ago and more than 2,000 boys and girls are streaming down the 27 steps that lead from West Franklin Boulevard into the gymnasium of Westinghouse High School where the Warriors play.


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  • Bashing CPS teachers won’t fix school problems, parent group says

    Neither will bashing CPS, for what it's worth

  • In reply to Alexander Russo:

    Depends on what you're bashing each side about. If you're bashing the Union for continuously protecting the worst teachers, that hopefully will lead to fixing some problems. And if you bash CPS for not supporting schools, students and teachers... again that hopefully will lead to fixing issues.

    Here's a question for you (and others) Alex, is CPS currently in the business of education?

  • In reply to Alexander Russo:

    CPS promotes allergy awareness. Thanks for the morning laugh.
    I retired from a school with visible mold, filthy vents and a modular unit that smelled the day it was installed. Everyone smelled the mold, some were sick with sinus infections and others just pretended everything was fine. A pregnant teacher wanted to know what was the stuff growing from her ceiling. PPC brought it up to no avail. Principla was a doofus. Grievance was filed, OSHA was called in and CPS was cited. The venting in the modular was wrong, the vents were not cleaned and the mold in the ceiling was caused by a leaky roof. This took a year and the delegate and the pregnant teacher were retaliated against-little support from the staff-too busy kissing up to the doofus principal. We were not allowed to even mention the asthmatic children in the school.

  • Two charter school operators get grants — even though CPS hasn’t OKed any new charters - Chicago Sun-Times

  • In reply to Alexander Russo:

    Good morning, I am hearing all this talk of turnaround charters. How many charters does the state of Illinois allow Chicago to have and what is the policy of getting that number increased? Are there special loopholes that allow for additional charters?

  • In reply to teach4chicago:

    The number of charter schools that can be created is limited to 75 in Chicago (5 of which are dedicated to drop out recovery schools) and 45 outside of Chicago. Each dropout charter may operate up to 15 campuses within the city. Any of these dropout charters may have a maximum of 1,875 enrollment seats, any one of the campuses of the dropout charter may have a maximum of 165 enrollment seats. Charters authorized after 2003 are restricted to one campus, the older charters have the ability to have multiple campuses (Public Act 93-003). There are now 13 charter schools in Chicago with the ability to create multiple campuses under the same charter.

    In FY2013, CPS opened 10 new charter schools approved by the Board of Education, bringing the total to 104 charter campuses in the city according to CPS, ISBE lists a higher number of campuses and I don't know why. In total, CPS estimated that over 53,000 students will attend charter schools in FY2013.

    CPS has the legal ability under the existing charter school act with the expansion allowance for the 13 pre-2003 charters to have eaisly several hundred thousand students enrolled in charters if it chose to.

    I hope this helps answer your question.

    Rod Estvan

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